Cool Story Bro

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Sung sample:] Just a shot, just a shot in the...
[Spoken sample:] Last night, near the intersection of Compton and Imperial Highway in South L.A.... At this point, the boy is reportedly still in the care of the Department of Child and Family Services...
[Double K:] Yo, man... Won't belive it, man. Pssh, L.A., man, let me tell you, man. Some shit happened the other night when I was trying to get right, man. Check this out, dude. Yo...

[Double K:]
Cold Friday night with nothing to do
Just took my last shot and it's a quarter to two
Gotta hit the liquor store before they close, ya dig?
It's right up the block, so stroll I did
Threw on my windbreaker, blue L.A. hat
Been here since '77, no need for the gat
Got the roach out the ashtray, proceded to bail
Nigga went, right behind was the hydro smell
Walked through the front door, big grin on my mug
'Cause it's the weekend, and Double's 'bout to get fucked up
Passed the alcohol and headed straight for the snacks
When I glanced towards La Cienega and noticed some blacks
But I ain't trippin', not Bloodin' or Cripin'
The only thing on my mind is the 'liks I'll be sippin'
That's when it hit me like bricks: damn, they wearin' all red
My neighborhood is blue, and it's fuckin' with my head
Slowly and cautious, I went to make my purchase
That's when I turned around and seen a nigga with a purpose
Tattoos on his face and the devil in his eye
Whoever he was looking for that night was gonna die

[Rap sample:] Now tell me what the fuck am I supposed to do?

[Thes One:]
Friday night, party off Hoover and Adams
Couple SC students, couple fly Latin madams
But I wasn't mad at 'em, rap music on the stereo
Me and Mike smokin' pinners, drinkin' on the patio
Oh shit, time to go, here come the Harpies
Ducked out the back gate, diggin' for my car keys
God, please let us get away from this with quickness
Gangs don't ask, they just blast first with no witness
Found the car parked on Oak, made a right on 23rd
Another right on Hoover, got away safe ([Double K:] Yeah, word.)
But what's that? LAPD now following me
Play it cool, take off your hat and drive slowly
We're just some homies, they're calling homeboys
Saw another cruiser creepin', pullin' out the Pep Boys parking lot
My hands start sweatin', I'm forgettin' that I'm innocent
Thoughts startin' racin' 'bout jettin'
But we play it cool, left turn, 10 West on-ramp
Ten cars follow now... man, they won't fall back
The freeway, six lanes, empty in the dead of night
Hit with the flash of the helicopter spotlight
Twenty sirens in my rearview lit up, too
Now, tell me what the fuck am I supposed to do?

[Spoken sample:] People more afraid of the police 'cause they got guns
[Rap sample:] Now tell me what the fuck am I supposed to do?
[Spoken sample:] When police can get the person alone...
[Rap sample:] Now tell me what the fuck am I supposed to do?

[Double K:]
"Ay... Ay, homie, where you from?", I'm not a gang-banger
Just known around the hood as the funky rap slanger
At this, I see the bulge in his waist
Acted kinda fidgety with confusion on his face
I went about my business, paid for the Ketel One
They still posted outside, I shoulda brought my gun
But I'm not one to run, so I grabbed my bag
Made some eye contact, and headed left towards the pad
Waitin' to hear gunshots, I made it up the block safely
I guess he had the blam on safety
Now, here goes the lesson: when you hangin' in my city
Beware, move correct, these kids got no pity

[Thes One:]
Spotlight through the night, shadows on the dashtop
Megaphone, cop yells, "Don't pull over, just stop.
Now, put your hands up!" They got their guns drawn
"Driver, exit slowly. One fast move, and you're gone."
I get out, turn around with hands in the air
No tears, no fear, kneel down like I'm in deep prayer
Handcuffed, face down in the third lane
I look under the car, Double K's in mad pain
But what we even do? No burner, no weapons
Sour breath askin' me what gang Turner is reppin'
And do I have a warrant? And is the car stolen?
And if not, why the hell are me and him rollin'?
I don't know, it's just my city, he my crew
But tell me what the fuck am I supposed to do?

[Spoken sample:] That's the way it is...
[Rap sample:] Now tell me what the fuck am I supposed to do?
[Rap sample:] Madness, insanity, livin' profanity
Then some punk claimin' they're understandin' me?
Give me a break! What world do you live in?
Give me a break! What world do you live in?


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