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Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Announcer (Thes One):] Ladies and gentlemen… Just back from Vietnam and off of his smack habit, the master of the rhythm and blues… Mr. Dynamite… hard-working, overworked, to Rodeorama, there'll never be another… makes your mother smile… please, Fresno, California, put your hands together… for… Eddum… Chibbuuuuum!

[Eddum Chibbum (Double K):]
Huh… Hey, lovely. Yeah, you, girl…
With the tight skirt, the one your girl said won't work
I want it, I need it, I see it, I believe it
Don't let nobody tell you otherwise
With your thick hips and thick thighs, I can't lie
You make a grown man wanna cry
You need insurance on that
And I could reassure you of that
I love that… chubby, that cuddly
Everything a brother need
Bubbly toast to your confidence
Let's get on the bed and start rockin' it
You look good, you smell good
Now, come and make a brother feel good!
We could wake up and make up
Some milkshakes with pound cake
And donuts with sprinkles, soda and Pringles
You love snacks, I love that
Me and you project that
You're my girl in my world
Chubby Cheeks, you're my girl! Woo!

[James Brown sample:] Hey! (repeats, ad libbed)
[Announcer:] Ladies and gentlemen, Eddum Chibbum! Eddum Chibbum, first verse. Eddum Chibbum! Give it up for Eddum Chibbum, ladies… Stop throwing those panties onstage… Back up, please… Please back up, give him some space… Give him space… back up, now… Fresno, California, do you want some more of Eddum Chibbum? Let me hear ya!
[Eddum Chibbum:] West side playa! I wanna take you over to the buffet… Give it to you all night, girl… You're my girl… my girl, you're my girl! Ho!! Don't worry about it, baby… we'll get two seats on a plane… We gotta get two seats on a plane, baby… anything you need… huh!

[Eddum Chibbum:] Just don't eat all the shrimp, girl. How much sauce you want on that barbeque? You're so damn cute… look at that! Uh… don't worry about it. Oh, you dropped something on your shirt. Yeah. Aw, no no no. Lemme get that ketchup off your lip, baby. Uh… ooh, I love the way your cheeks are just so…
Chubby and cuddly
They're chubby and cuddly.
I love you.
I need you.
I want you.
I'll do you.
I got you!

[James Brown sample:] Baby, I need your love so bad
Forget about the time… sit down and eat
Because the more you got, the more I want
([Eddum Chibbum:] Hey! Hey-ay-ay, watch out, girl! Don't sit on that chair! What- na, na, na, give it all here, give it all here! I'll put it all… woo! Oh, does this fit? Oh, this… this one don't fit? We'll go to Lane Bryant then… just kidding!)

[James Brown sample:] Hey! (repeats, ad libbed)
[Eddum Chibbum:] Ho! Get it! (repeats) Aw yeah…
[Announcer:] Okay, ladies and gentlemen… Eddum Chibbum is leaving the building… Fresno, California, I hope you had a good time tonight, but the show is over! He's gotta go! He's gotta go… Back up, ladies, he's got to go! Eddum Chibbum!

[Thes One:] Yo, Mike, wake up, man…
[Double K:] Huh? Wha- Hey, what, what?
[Thes One:] Mike… Yo, Mike, wake up, man!
[Double K:] Wh-what the fuck, man? Yo…
[Thes One:] I've been knocking on the door for a half hour, man! We gotta go to Tucson.
[Double K:] Yo… the fuck?!
[Thes One:] Wake up, man, we got a show in Tucson. Wake up…
[Double K:] Dude, I had a bad-ass dream. I was on stage in Fresno and… I was in Vietnam… I did a bunch of smack and then I had all these fat girls, man. It was… yo, the fuck you wake me up f-man, that dream was awesome, man…

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