Come On, Let's Get High

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:] Wake up, cuz! [beatboxes]… Wake up, cuz! [beatboxes]
The homie's telling you to go somewhere… fo' sho'…
Goddamn beer… after one, can't stop… after two, do the Wop… heh heh heh heh…

[Sung sample:] Come on, let's get high… come on, let's get high (x2)
(Come on, get high!)

[Double K:] Quarters, pounds, eighths, and halves
Trays and lids, give me a damn nickel bag
Yo, I smoke so much, I'm like Redman's dad
Take a hit from the Sprite can, here's the method, man
Poke holes up on the top, and then crush
Sprinkle the dope, but don't burn too much
And if you need to be discreet, while you're walking down the avenue
Peep your homie, Double K, here's what the brother do
I roll up (Yeah!) and don't give a shit
Blow it in the old lady's wig (Goddamn, boy!), pass it to the kids
I be doing that marijuana before I go to church
Walk in smelling like Otto's jacket
In the morning before I piss, the brotha got to have it
This is serious business, started off as a habit
I smoked the blunt from Germany to France, y'all
And almost died, trying to smoke some hash at the Great Wall
Taking out the life insurance for the herb insurance
Shit, I wrote this on a Zig –Zag, nigga, where the bridge at?

[Sung sample:] Come on, let's get high… come on, let's get high
(Come on, get high!)

[Thes One:]
Acid raindrops to acid rainbows
The cereal, bowl-smoking with the bros
Double K knows, he stay puffing like volcanoes
Puffing like a penguin, even when he's in England
He found green, while the chaps smoke the hard with the filter
Cannabis card, he threw the party off-kilter with his big blunt
Man, that shit's like Big Pun's finger
He sweats hash oil, ay-yo, the weed smell lingers
The DJ, the rapper, pothead who's paid ([Double K:] I smoke a lot!)
Lungs probably look like Bob Marley's ashtray
One time, when we were touring deep in Tibet
This monk ran out, his face I'll never forget
He had the sweat on his brow, he said, "Man, what'll we do?
This weed is too strong for all of Katmandhu!"
I said, "Double K? He's my man! If he can't smoke, then no one can!"
He said, "Double K? Well, then he's your man.
If he can't smoke it, then no one can!"… and they got high…

[Sung sample:] Come on, let's get high… come on, let's get high
(Come on, get high!)

I'm like Nixon with them victory signs when I score
"Hey, bro, wanna smoke a bowl?" Nah, dude, I need more!
I ain't your blow-in-the-wind, smoke-sometime little hippie
I'm a nigga that be needing that weed, d'ja feel me?
Don't be confused when I'm rolling in your venue
Sound man want dinner, I want smoke on my menu
Getting high than a mother, looking at the girl's toes
Leaning slight to the right, smoking the J through my nose
I smacked the weed right out of Harold and Kumar's hands
Re-light that shit,then pass it off to my man
I heard a rumor that that boy Jamie Foxx smoked
The way I toke ain't a joke, I make Ray go broke (Yeah!)
And all you rappers that claim you get high…
([Sung sample:] Are you high?)
You niggas lie! (Do you get high?)
Niggas… (Do get high?)
Little niggas! (Are you high?… Are you high?)
It's not for kids (Do you get high? [continues])
Matter of fact… Yo, this an anonouncment: everybody, stop smoking!
Ay-yo, Snoop (Yeah!), you don't smoke like me!
Rick Ross (Yeah!), you don't smoke like me!
B-Real (Yeaaah!), you don't smoke like me!
And Dipset niggas? They don't smoke like me!
The boy, B-Legit (Yeah!), he don't smoke like me!
Trey Anastasio (Hahahahaha), you don't smoke like me!
Fab 5 Freddy (Fresh!), you don't smoke like me!
The time I met Ice T, he wouldn't smoke with me, damn…

[Spoken sample:] Word!
[Sung sample:] Come on, let's get high… come on, let's get high
(Come on, get high!)
([Double K, as Ice T:] "Hell naw, I don't smoke that weed…
Get that shit outta here!"

[Spoken sample:] Well, that means everything is part of everything else (Uh huh, uh huh)… It really blows my mind! (Trips me out!) Hey, groovy!

[Man #1:] Hey, man, it's not money!
[Man #2:] What is it, gold?
[Man #1:] No, man, this is where it's at… ice bag?
[Man #2:] Ice bag?

[Spoken sample:] I'm enjoying it! I'm learning a lot of things I never knew before!

[Spoken sample:] Do you wanna get high?

[Man #1:] Hey, what kind of shit is this?
[Man #2:] It's the best, man! I got it from a Negro! You're probably so high already, you don't even know it!

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