Choke A Mic Out (Kidd Lexus)

Written by: Brandon Collins, Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Kidd Lexus:] (Yeah, I'mma bring a little something like this…)
I choke a mic out, enough to make niggas like you get psyched out
And knock your lights out, come back and erase you like Wite-Out
Lyrical, I'm super, I guess you heard the rumor
That when I be smoking Buddha, dialing 9-11 proves it
I'm really blowed, that's when I was deep into my Philly mode
Really doe, you have ultraviolet dreams, mine are indigo (What?)
I heard you talking that your shit is the stuff
But how can that be when I write and know your rhymes every month
I got lyrics with team spirit, be that though I'm solo
You heard it, but yet you still fear it, while I'm keeping mobile
I'm moving, I'm on the rise, you fucked up, nigga, surprise
Then I set a round that got you right between the eyes
'Cause I'm immaculate, all my vocal shots, perfectly accurate
And you can't handle it, Lex one, you should run
I be doing my thing, nigga, so how you like me now?
Reared on the concept of smooth like the Thurston Howells

[Rap sample:] I got rhymes 365 days, annual plus some
[PUTS sample:] Beware and don't enter
[Rap sample, scratched:] I got rhymes 365 days, annual plus some

[Kidd Lexus:]
A microphone assassin dedicated to keeping niggas clapping
I'm back, and dedicated to rapping, your reacting (Say what?)
I'm cutting niggas to pieces, into confetti
More heavy than a Chevy, you ain't ready, no need to worry
I will disintegrate any opponent that'd move quick
Before I bury every opponent for my amusement
Now, I'm laughing and chuckling, ready to erupt
When I'm magnificent and stuff, don't be battled or you got cut
I slice you deeply and all my anger got released
You were devastated, you tried to cut me, but I levitated
Then I waited, only a matter of time
Before I kick another rhyme that will splatter your mind
Your rap capabilities stink, remind me of manure
Get to you on the low, so I maneuver through the sewer
I was wearing Timberlands, so the water didn't seep through
That's my favorite brand, that's what Thes can make the beat to
And if you like it, raise your marker in the sky
Sip down a 40, or whatever gets you high
But recognize, matter of fact, I will live rise
And my vocals be a weapon and my lyrical design
To be coming, to take you on a tour throughout my dungeon clan
Bombed a shack of right angles, prevent you from running
You ain't going nowhere, so motherfuck your time of year
You know very well, I'd rather rock my Aéropostales
Get a cap from Abercrombie, but yo, that ain't the subject
You say that I've changed, but yo, nigga, you need to stuff it
All that drama that you speak, don't be speaking it to me
You don't deserve a microphone 'cause you ain't a real MC… uh…

[Rap sample:] I got rhymes 365 days, annual plus some
[PUTS sample:] Beware and don't enter (x2)

[Kidd Lexus:] (Bring it live, y'all…)
I'm here to eliminate the simpletons, fence the ladies and gentlemen
Confiscating the dividends, Lexus is back to sin again
Do what I did to win again, now it's time to finish, I'm menacing
You sweet like cinnamon, intimate thoughts you knew
I'm stomping you and whole crew, I mean your whole crew of two
Or twenty-five, I'm still live
It doesn't matter, niggas scatter when Lexus presents the standards
See my image in cable static, flip the channel than panic
Get sunk like the Titanic, a million depths than vanish
Reported critical damage, flipping vocal acrobatics
Get tangled in my lyrical apparatus, you got a wicked freestyle
So check the status… I'm Lexus
I take a rest, when I know that I've won
But I'll never take a rest 'cause there's new work to be done
I represent Crescent Heights and the UDC crew
Silver satin for the night 'cause you know how we do
I write a paragraph of rhymes 'til I run out of ink
Switch pens, do it again, then I stop, and I think
I got rhymes for every occasion 'cause I'm so amazing
I battled a crew of fifty, was the last one remaining
That shit is real, nowadays, niggas be ill
You decide to rhyme to a pen, it's like you're rhyming with steel
But that's okay, I ain't tripping, eventually I'll catch you slipping
See, my style ain't switching, you deserve an ass-whipping
I'm the K-I-double-D, Mr. L-E-X, you rest beats
The real MCs and DJs who's resided in the West, uh, yeah

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