Check The Vibe

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Spoken sample:] Going back in time on The Sounds of the Nation, it's a Caroline flashback!
[Echoing sample:] Flashback!

[Thes One:] (I'm in here, I'm in here…)
Back in the days, on the boulevard of Pico
Before we had status and before there was a people
You could find Mike and Chris listening to hip hop
Everyday after school, Martin's Record Shop
Simple, homie, don't you know all things go in cycles?
Cracked-out Bobby Brown, funeral for Michael
Money comes and goes in so many different ways
And the names might change, but the funky music stays, girl
A tribute comes original with the abstract
Old School duck-tail, rocking with the AFLAC
It's all expected, People from the Under
Crowned with the thunder sound, Stevie with the Wonder
Sunglasses, the girls shake their asses
Fellows move their butts, party people say "What?"
If you got a fist, throw it up and stay proud
The people are the reason, gotta play the music loud
Check the vibe!

[Double K:]
Arsenio! ([Thes One and a crowd:] You know he check the vibe!)
And Mandela! (You know he checking the vibe!)
Bill Clinton! (You know he checks the vibe!)
And Bart Simpson! (You know he checks the vibe!)
Spike Lee! (You know he checking the vibe!)
Chugg Chillout! (You know he checks the vibe!)
John Singleton! (You know he checks the vibe!)
Bo Jackson! (You know he checking the vibe!)

[Double K:]
Well, you all know me, it's your favorite bar-hopper
Looking for the girls who wanna have fun, like Cyndi Lauper
MCs don't wanna battle 'cause they know I get loose
Money, please, can't somebody put some vodka in that orange juice?
I need the beats before I go to sleep
Rappers need to step back or watch their grandmothers weeping
You know it's been ten years since I first got down
Went from Reebok runners to fresh Nikes on the ground
I'm getting hungry, so I'm eating my words
Then regurgitate synonyms, nouns, and verbs
So if you need direction, or even need attention
Go 'head, pull up a chair, and check this bumping through your speaker

[Thes One, Double K, and the crowd:] You know we check the vibe! (repeats)

([Double K:] Go, rap on!)
[Thes One:] You know the deal when the people drop the lingo
The rhymes are so bumping that the ladies bought the single
Hip-hop sensation for the nation of the Zulu
Wait…[sniffs]… I think somebody doo-doo
[Double K:] We want you to shine, just like Tears for Fears
Reminisce on the funk, like Fred Savage from the Wonder Years
Open up your ears and let the brothers do the talking
While you others play the pimps and let the hos do the walking
Walk, walk on! Walk, walk on! Derek Jeter, walk, walk on!
Nah, nah, nah, I gotta… ([Crowd:] Walk, walk on! Walk, walk on!)

[Thes One:] Yeah, gotta send a shout out to the almighty Zulu!
(Zulu Nation in the house!)… Yeah, I had a dream last night, that… that dude Threek Muhammad came through the studio… took out his mixer… Busta Rhymes on bass guitar … Bob Power on the mix… Bob Power, Bob Power… Yo, I wanna send a shout-out to Violator… Yeah… Ron Carter on the bass…
([Crowd:] Yeah! Check the vibe! [etc., repeats 'til end of song])

[Double K:] That's Spike Lee paging me, man!
[Thes One:] Word?
[Double K:] Yeah. I just got a page from Spike Lee. Alright, stop clapping.

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