California (feat. Blvme)

Written by: Michael Turner, Christopher Portugal & B. Barnes

[Sung sample:] California, California, California
California (keep it rock-), California (keep it rock-)
Cali- (keep it-), Cali- (keep it-), California (keep it rockin')

[Double K:]
Hey, right across the border from Mexico
It's a place where all the fly people go
Sand, dog near the beach, where fantastic times
Is never out of reach, home of the Chong and Cheech
You can pack it, you can roll it up the I-5
Bonfire and Corona, give your man a high five
Home of the Three's Company, we trey time chilling
Birthplace of the Willie Calhoun, we got the best shrooms
Don't miss the contributions we gave the world, 'cuz
Chicanos and low riders, Dodger Blue
You know we got our own thing, created our own slang
God bless Earl Stevens, we only got one season
And we call that ([Rap sample:] Fun!), we made rappers (run!)
We made it hella cool to be hard and pack guns
We turning out countries one at a time
Better believe we got the world in our state of crime
With them Hollyqood squares and silicone models
Silk shorts, rolled cigar, and a Playboy grotto
So if you need glamour and fame, wanna change your name?
Here the donor, come and get this game, this is…

[Both:] The Golden State ([Sung sample:] California)
It's the P, you know we represent CA (California)
And I just had to let you know that we all call (California)
Our home, we spit that Cali homegrown (California)
Yeah, we known

[Thes One:] Ay-yo, Blvme, come in here, man, get on the mic (California)
Gotta let 'em know…
[Double K:] Sunshine (echoes)

Yo, one for the Thes, and two for the Ks
Three for Walker Martin 'cause we run L.A.
Yeah, what's cooking up the stairs, .22, .28?
If you didn't make the barbeques, then you aren't from the state
Mighta caught 'em hanging loose with peace, me in the Bay
And pretty ladies love the P, ghetto serenade, oh
And I'm from Mid-City, they call me the Blvme
PS anthem bank the uno, we Kool and the Gang
You already know the repertoire, might get dissed
Like others already did, and may they rest in piss
'Cause it's West Coast-ra nostra, my holster's hot
Homo, we gon' smoke a dub, and Bullies on the Block
Yeah, we Los Angelinos with SoCal soul
These forgy nickels gotta give the people out in the roll
The end of the 110 South, trying to find the hideout
But Crescent Heights security is here to put your lights out
(Boom!) We eat beat scavengers for breakfast
You fooling with the union we got ful(b-r-r-r)rexis
So hang up the slip mats, two producers is back
With blunts and six-packs, enjoy the fucking tracks…
([Double K:] …we did, kid! Ha ha)

([Sung sample:] California)
It's the P, you know we represent CA (California)
And I just had to let you know that we all call (California)
Our home, we spit that Cali homegrown (California)
Yeah, you know ([Double K:] Punk!)

[Double K:] Ay-yo, Thes, man… I know how you get down… come and run it down, one time, all the way down the 5 for us… right!

[Thes One:] (You know it)
Nifty since 1850, compare what Thes set up shop
Like Junipero Sera: on a mission, fresh fish in the tortillas
The clean, healthy living, home of the ideas
That changed the world, like Apple and Atari ([Double K:] Yup!)
Surf, skate, and snowboard, Hollywood stars be side-by-side
And lane change with gang-bangers on the 15
National parks and rangers
Be keeping it clean up on the John Muir path
Fresno, John Steinbeck, Grapes of Wrath
In the Central Valley of Cali where they produce produce
That's why, worldwide, we got juice
We gave 'em cool jazz and that gangster rap
And that hyphy life be better when you on the map's left side
West side of the USA, pride, never hate, on the Golden State
We get live in the blue state, you're welcome here
It's an endless summer, barbeques and beer
From Steamer Lane down to tressles up to Lake Tahoe
Spring suits, baby, we the dime patrol, it goes…

([Sung sample:] California)
[Double K:] Ay-yo, yo, you know we come from L.A., but we gotta give it out… we gotta give some shouts to Sactown, Oaktown, Merced, yeah, everybody in the Bay, Vallejo, Indio down here in the desert, down there by the Diego, Santa Cruz, Anaheim, everybody living it up in Malibu, out there to Pomona to I.E., motherfuckers hiking in Yosemite, skiing in Big Bear, you know where we at. The I-5's so live. The I-5's so live. Yo, give the I-5 a high five. Ah ha ha. Aw yeah. Know we stay ready. Doo do do doo. Live on… clap on, children… play on, brother… fly on, sister… woo!

[Big OG Rick:] So, I was walking down the street, so I see this girl just go to high school. I used to love that motherfucker, she was fine then a motherfucker… ([Double K:] What was her name?) oh, god… what was this girl name? Donna… her name was Donna… (Donna.) That motherfucker was so fine, boy, I'm telling you… I'd-a kissed her daddy, nigga, she was that damn fine, nigga. I'd-a kissed her daddy, she was that fine!

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