Bobby On The Street

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

["Bobby" (Double K):] Shit, man… ain't got no damn money, man… man, these motherfuckers driving by with these beats and shit, man! What the hell is… what the fuck is that? Yo, yo, pull over fool!
["Old Man" (Thes??):] Who's that? Get over here…
["Bobby":] Man, what… aw, what's… aw, what's up, Mack! Hah hah hah!
["Old Man"]: Hah hah hah. What's up, money? Stick around…
["Bobby":] Yeah, hey… Hey, man… You hear about them… Hey, man, you hear about them People Under The Stair guys, man?
["Old Man":] Tell me 'bout 'em…
["Bobby":] Did you hear about them boys? Did you hear about… You heard about them boys, didn't you, man? Them niggas got this Internet, man, I don't know what the hell they doing, but man, they got this album, right?
["Old Man":] Yeah, right… hah hah… The Next Step, right?
["Bobby":] Called The Next Step… It's called The Next StepTheThe Next Step… Hey, man, you got a cigarette? What's up, what's up, what's up?… What's up?
["Old Man":] Derek Coltrane…
["Bobby":] I ain't got no damn beedi, man! You got a cigarette? That's what… You got a cigarette, man? Don't make me come in here…you hollering at me, you hollering at me? Nigga's a stupid idiot… I ain't trying to hear none of this shit, you hollering at me, punk?
["Old Man":] He hollering at you…
["Bobby":] You hollering at me? You hollering at me, punk…
["Old Man":] Get out here! C'mon, Bobby… shit, man… yo…
["Bobby":] I got some… 'bout hold my shit up in a fight… I got you, little punk… I got… hold my shit up, 'bout to hold my shit up… hey, who this motherfucker rolling around…
["Old Man":] That's your daddy, nigga, get your ass on outta here, boy!
["Bobby":] Hey, what's up, boy? Come here… come here, man…
["Old Man":] Hey, shut up… get over here… he ain't got no cigarette for you, either!
["Bobby":] Yo… you got a cigarette?
["Old Man":] He ain't got nothing…
["Bobby":] Ah, punk! Man, fuck… you have some respect, man!
["Old Man":] Shit… you take your ass home! C'mon!
["Bobby":] Coming after me for a beedi, man… Who got a joint?
["Old Man":] I got one in the house. Just bring your ass in here, c'mon! Shit!

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