Bobby In The Hood

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Double K:] Oh, what's happening?
["Bobby" (Double K):] AHHHH!
[Double K:] Oh-oh, look at this nigger over here! Bobby, what's up, man? This groove is wicked! Oh…
["Bobby":] Electric!
[Double K:] Oh-oh, you ain't lying! You ain't lying, man!
["Bobby":] Yeah, just got back from Oakland and shit, man. I went to Spain to do a couple videos and bust a rhyme…
[Double K:] No shit?
["Bobby":] …And man, I was down here with the Internet and shit. Hah… yeah, man. Go 'head and pass the vodka. I'm gonna go 'head and get funky with this beat!
[Double K:] Yeah, you go on and do that, man!
["Bobby":] Talk to that bitch over there…
[Double K:] I'm gonna go over here… I'm gonna go talk to the bitch…
["Bobby":] Aw, check it… Bust it! Oh, listen to the bassline, man… I just wanna… dip-foop-a-BOP-dip-FOP! Woo! Check it, check it… hold on, hold on… well, look, hip… I said HIP, FOP, goddamn, motherfucker, aw shit… then Bobby… in the Hood! We… Huh! Yeah… Man, Mikey, this a wicked bassline right here, man! I mean, you got a hit, man! You gotta have a bassline if you wanna go somewhere 'cause, you know, you could just do some old… hoop-dop-dip-a-dip-fop-da-dop-a-toot-seep-a-fop-a-fitha-frop-a-lava-lone-up, hah! Yeah, you could do some shit like that, man, or you can also bust it like this, you could… you could:
"Everybody, welcome to the place
I'm Bobby with the bass in your face
I drive a blue van, drive it far
And my wife drive a little car"
See? And you can do it like that, if not, you could just wanna slow it on up, you know… make your own shit, say:
"Baby, with a bitch, baby, suck my dick! Heyyy!"
Man, give me my damn vodka, man, the party over, we on outta here, hm, yeah! ([Double K:] Aight, Bobby…) Aight, man, I'll see y'all niggas later… Nigga, don't you some damn money? Nigga, don't you owe me some, money… (Bobby! shut up, Bobby!) Hey, man, fuck you! Fuck you! (Man, Bobby, shut up, man!) Fuck you! (Goddamn!) Fuck you! (Shut up!) Fuck you!

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