Big Bank Take Little Bank (Ugly Duckling feat. MC Glockamolie & Double K)

Written by: Andy Cooper, Dustin McFarland, Rodney Pleasant & Michael Turner

[Double K:] What's up? This K Jackson, y'all! Talkin' about Ugly Duckling and shit. Man, I used to be in Ugly Duckling. It was K Jackson, that nigga Einstein, tall-ass Andy, and that nigga Diz, you know… and we was on some real shit, some hard shit. I had them niggas drinkin' 40's every night… throwing up all over the place and shit… them niggas couldn't hack it, man. You know what I'm saying?

[Double K:] Yeah, nigga. We in the mothafuckin' house. Nigga, what's today? Yeah, my day, mothafucka. Yeah, what's up, nigga? Rock that beat, my nigga! Do it!

[Andy:] ATL! ([Double K:] Yeah!)
Fool, give up your PIN number (Yeah!)
I'm 'bout to chop you down to size
You fallin' like some end lumber (Fool!)
[Dizzy:] I'm on the corner, shootin' cee-lo (Yeah, nigga.)
Making people come out they pockets like I'm Deebo (Fo sho!)
[Andy:] Give up those coupons, you think I'm jokin'?
I just jacked your little brother for his last arcade token
(Nigga, I wrote that right there.)
[Dizzy:] I'll break your piggy bank (I wrote that part.)
Take your sister's Hello Kitty purse and won't say "thanks"

[Double K:] Hey, hey, hey, nigga, what about your shit?
[Dizzy:] Hey, man, get out my pockets!
[Double K:] Dizzy D.
[Dizzy:] Get out my pockets!
[Double K:] I don't give a fuck if I came to the studio with you, nigga.
[Dizzy:] That's my watch!
[Double K:] Gimme your watch, nigga.
[Other voices start arguing]
[Dizzy:] You in my crew! Why you trippin'? You in my crew!
[Double K:] Man, fuck that. We ain't doin' no song. Gimme your watch, nigga.
[Dizzy:] Naw, that's my watch!
[Double K:] Gimme your watch, man.
[Diizy:] My watch. What? What? What?
[Double K:] You wanna know why?

'Cause Big Bank take Little Bank, foo'! ([Dizzy:] Aww! C'mon…)
Big Bank takin' Little Bank, nigga!
Big Bank takin' Little Bank, foo'!
Bubble up, double up, bubble up, double up
Bubble up, double up, bubble up… foo'!
Big Bank take Little Bank, foo'!
Big Bank take Little Bank, nigga!
Big Bank takin' Little Bank, foo'!
Double up, bing bing, double up, Taco Bell
Double up, double up, double up, double up
Double up, check it out!

Yeah, nigga… [cough] 'Scuse me, nigga! Check it out! We diggity-dope for the nine-deuce, you know what I mean? Yeah! Low riders! All up in your mothafuckin'… Hey, come here, Dizzy D. What happened to that watch, my nigga? You still owe me that watch, fool…

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