Beer (Colt45 Mix)

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Billy Dee Williams sample:] There are two rules to remember if you wanna have a good time… Rule number one: Never run out of Colt45… Rule number two: You never know when friends might show up… I don't claim you can have a better time with Colt45 than without it… never forget… Colt45…

[Thes One:]
It was a Friday night, everybody was drinking
The ladies were upset 'cause the breath was stinking
And it won't be long 'til we start to funk
'Cause Double's gonna get drunk, buddy
Thes One's gonna get drunk, buddy
Everybody get drunk, buddy… and, and, and… sha na na!

[Thes One:]
Yeah, crack the 40, who's down to get plastered?
I get the party started with the Colt45
Buzzing like a beehive, feeling so pissy, and
I roll up on your scene like Lando Calrissian
Refunding mission, get-a-get your ten cents
Fresh out my freezer, let the swill commence
I gets the rare stuff: on twelve ounce bottles, on end labels
But when I'm rockin' parties and behind the turntables
Can't be running back and forth through the dance floor, trippin'
So I grab a cold Colt45 and start sippin'
Big bottle, big mouth, big party, good times
Bought a barrel, enzymes enhance the rhymes
Like a "hip hip hippy", you don't stop the rock
I get busy… I feel like Malt Disney
'Bout to crack another 40-ounce right here
You like that Red Bull and vodka? Well, we like BEER!
Colt, boy… understand?

[Double K:] Now who wants a 40? ([Crowd:] We want a 40!)
Who wants a quart? (We want a quart!)
You want a 32? (No!), you want a whole keg? (Yeah!)

[Double K:]
Well, leave it up to me to get the party off right
Hit up Mr. Lee's and grab the Colt45
Smooth malt liquor, my dad used to drink it
Down two 40s, and watch the homie start singin'
Keep it in the freezer, make sure that it's cold
Very easy to find, where fine beers are sold
Word up to Billy Dee, I'm 'bout to crack one open
Halfway through the bottle, watch your boy start loc'ing
Put up on the case, then turn up the bass
And watch everybody come alive in the place
Don't mix with brown liquor and you have a good time
Passing up the 40 bottle's like committing a crime
So next you wanna grab a cold one? Chill…
Two for $1.20, now the smile on your grill

[Thes One:]
We're gonna kick back, drink beer, party and have fun
You want another 40?
We're gonna kick back, drink beer, party and have fun
You want another 40 ounce?
We're gonna kick back, drink beer, party and have fun
You want another 40 ounce?
I'm gonna kick back, drink beer, party and have fun
You want another 40 'cause I'm gonna grab one!

[Spoken sample:] Colt45 (scratched and repeated)
[Spoken sample:] The power of Colt45…

[Double K:]
When I was 17, I'd asked an old man
To take a couple quarters and buy me a tall can, back then
Is all about 8 Ball, St. Ides, good brew, hanging out with my crew
Sometimes, we'd get the Night Train or the Thunder Chicken
I thought it would pass, the … still sipping (Oh!)
I go hard like when I first wake up (Boing!)
Crack a cold one, and pour that … in my cup
Now, here comes the madness, the Knight like Gladys
Call me Dynowino, see, I'm the baddest
Word to Cash, ([Spoken sample:] 45…) for you
They should put me with the monkeys down in L.A. Zoo
And you can come see me, for a small fee
Watch me get drunk with my family
You could take it to the bridge, I'll take it to the fridge
Make sure it's real quiet, so I can hear the fizz
When you see me in public, know my bottle is near
Y'all … like tight pants, we like beer! Ha! Ha!

[Double K:] Uh-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh!
[Thes One:] Beer is what we talking 'bout… you don't stop…

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