Rick James, The B-Boy From Buffalo

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Rap sample, scratched:] Back, I'm about to begin…

[Rick James (Double K):] Oh, hello. I'm Rick James, and if you love hip hop like I love hip hop, then I think you'd enjoy this brand new CD that I'm puttin' out. I got over 30 hip hop tunes that I covered on there, ranging from LL Cool J to Run DMC. Block-rockin', shell-shockin' hip hop beats for all you hip pops. Listen…

[Announcer (Thes One):] The sensual sounds of Showbiz and AG…

[Rick James:] All I see is blinkin' lights, track boards and fat mics
950s, SP-12s, MPC 60s
Shit is thumpin', ear drums pumpin'
The shit is down tight 'cause the sample is tight
Next level…

[Announcer:] Who could forget Oakland's own Souls of Mischief…

[Rick James:] Dialed the seven digits
Call up Bridget, her man's a midget (Hello.)
Plus she got friends, so I can dig it
Now, that's the fattest stog I've ever seen (Wow!)
Like Maui Waui, feel the good vibrations
So many females, so many inspirations
93 'Til…
Hieroglyphics and the Stone City Band…

Rick James, The B-Boy From Buffalo!

[Announcer:] Here, Rick James takes a trip to Brooklyn…
[Rick James:] (Microphone check, one-two, what is this?)
Five carloads deep, gettin' ready to roll to a show (Yup.)
Yo, we got massive crew, and I'm ready to go (Let's go.)
So I grab my gear, hop in the whip and ride
Stone City got the fly dope system inside

[Rap sample:] And we shall return!

[Rick James:] Yeah, I like that… And you know, I come from Buffalo, and you know, up there, we listen to punk-funk, but I heard these guys, Run DMC, down in the city with this tape, and I liked it, and I think that's what prompted me to come in here and make this music for everybody, and redo it… put some punk-funk on it… make it sound like it's from Buffalo! You know… I really got into The Pharcyde, too, but uh… I wanna play this other song that I did by Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh… ay, what's that called, "The Show" or some shit?

[Rick James:] La di, da di… la di, da di… la di… da di…
(Get this shit over with…)
You know what? Yo, peep this…
La di, da di, we likes to party
We don't 'cause trouble, we don't bother nobody here
I'm just a man that's on the mic
And when I rock up on the mic, I rock the mic right!
Ricky, Ricky, Ricky, Rick, Rick James… La di, da di…

Rick James, The B-Boy From Buffalo!

[Announcer:] Here, Rick channels the thug essence of Tupac Shakur…
[Rick James:] How do you want it? (How do you want this?)
And how do you feel?
Coming up as a nigga in the cash game
Living in the fast lane, I'm for real (Nigga, real…)
And how do you want it? (How do you want this?)
How do you feel?
Coming up as a nigga in the cash game
Living in the fast lane with Tupac…

[Announcer:] Now, you can't say Rick James without thinking saxophones, and here, he touches…

[Rick James:] I reminisce for a spell (hmm…), or should I say "think back"
Twenty-two years ago, I made some funk tracks (Say it!)
I was born in Buffalo on the eighth of October
Came close, but my granddaddy ain't sober
I like this one… one of my personal… it's my personal favorite.

Rick James, The B-Boy From Buffalo!

Just kick a little something for those cars that be bumpin'
[Announcer:] Alright, Rick. Well, they need a beat they can front to…
([Rick James:] Yeah, alright. Well, that'll work.)

[Rick James:] You know it's funky, funky, funky
'Cause you heard it from here, see
A jam that you're loving don't be gettin' no airplay
Strictly for fronting when you're riding around
Twelve o'clock at night with your windows down
To the bottom, to the bottom, to the top, to the top
Cruise… it's three o'clock… the boomin' system…

[Announcer:] So if you love hip hop as much as Rick James, send 48 dollars for a triple LP and double CD to 4369 PO Box Prince Is A Bitch, Buffalo, New York…
[Rick James:] Hey, hey, hold-hold on, let me see… let me see that micro… let me see that microphone, man.
[Announcer:] Oh, Rick James is back…
[Rick James:] 'Cause I want them to know: I produced all this shit on here… I-I produced it… I wanna shout out Buffalo… New York…

Rick James, The B-Boy From Buffalo!

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