Back To The Grind Again (Bloquera)

Written by: Christopher Portugal, Alex Newman, Jamaan McLaren, Sir Kado & Superbrush 427

[All:] Back to the grind again, the grind again (x8)

[Newman:] (Ha.)
I'm six hundred miles away from home
No television, interneto, or fax or phone
None of these monotowns here to harass my dome
Just relax, and bro, world-champ lampin' pro, you know
I spent days in the seas and with the breeze
My problems seem to drift off and lift off with ease
Every single night in these hot degrees
I slept sound, and had profound dreams to please myself
And when I rise, it's hard to disguise
The joy in living basic, I say, kid, with pride
Back to the side of California I reside
Two weeks with clouds make the guy a little wise
Now, I'm re-energized, fresh off a respite
Back in the leg, Mulegé, I'm gonna miss it
Take back this track, listen close and re-live it
Let it motivate me to bring me another visit

From vacay, take more than memories and a tan
In addition, sentiment of being all than I am
In a different place, reframe the different ways of change
Bring it home, play it, stay on top of my game
But not a refrain, more like conceal a zest to reveal the best
Maybe even quittin' cigarettes to heal my chest
Even that in time, I guess, and the wager that I made is correct
I caught wreck down here, learned to fish and swim out of my fear
Jumped on an MPC, when before I stood clear
Now I'm guaranteed a good year, no longer just an MC
Compose beats you should hear on your radio around fall
See, the upside? I'm working on my downfalls
To stand taller than Gomez, and no less
Kickin' it so fresh, manifest fonky yonky in my trunk
J gives many things to Mulegé
And if you sing along, I got some things for you to say
Beautifully, our relationship's on the horizon
Penny for my thoughts when they get back tonight, man
To see your face I can barely remember
Discover how tender, and how it's gon' end up
The anticipation pent up to let out
Chance to clear my mind, now it's time to head out

[All:] Back to the grind again, the grind again (x8)

[Superbrush 427:]
Fluid memories of Mulegé don't stop
As we pack up the car, gettin' ready to rock
The daily routine of the seven-day scene's
Reminding, urging me to keep my soul free
Excited as hell for all the ears to come
To a fresh vision, all will get done
Ultimate trust, those that true, we love you
Never going wrong in the game of ping-pong
"Ding dong" go the missions along the ride
Believing the signs that I feel inside
As we make the climb up through the depths of the land
Finding our way using bare naked hands
Strong heart, baby, mine is what I'm taking back
'Cause I know with that, I can face all the facts
To my boys, my L, the P and Q stop
Here we come, here we go on our way to the top

[Thes One:]
Ay-yo, my friend, I'm takin' it back home, and that's on
Calories burn, so let the sun burn to the bone
Re-energize five guys relocated their home
To natural living and giving something back on their own tracks
Mother nature's showing her facts, they know wax
Now they know how to set a pole while my lead reacts
In that sole, at least a filet per day
Hit the waters with José to fish the Mulegé straits
And stack plates with great snakes of Dorado
I'mma hear the ghetto birds same time tomorrow
But tonight, I'mma write this rhyme by candlelight
To recite the tight insight or else I might
Forget when we jet, so get the message in a bottle
A note from myself to myself you can borrow
It reads: "Godspeed, god style
The universe loves you, take time to smile
Remember that America isn't the only place
Some people have less, but have a smile on their face
Gotta call Mom or wife and then tell her that you love her
A man with an outstretched hand is your brother
Clean mind, clean body, and clean soul
Then beat dig, rock mics with total the control
Of all those that came before you, much respect
And last of all, peace to my peeps for this project
You rock on, Superbrush, you rock on
Sea Troll, the sig-a-Sea Troll, rock on
Maanu MyGoose! You rock on, rock on
And Sandy Sand Dollar to complete the song
It's just a passing of the blessing from The Sassy Warlock
It's back to the grind again, back to the block!
So let's go…

[Newman, eventually joined by everyone else:] Back to the grind again, the grind again (repeats)
[Maanumental:] Back to the grind again…
Back to the grind again
Back to the grind again
Back to the grind… again… again… again…

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