A Westward Coast

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

([Spoken sample:] In the pocket…
[Spoken sample:] Fred! [repeated throughout])

[Double K:] Once again… yeah…

[Thes One:]
Now, I grew up in the Boondocks, end of the 110
A block east of Western, where music my best friend
When L.A. unified, it was time to ride
Say "Eastside", "Westside", and I’m all over the map
Didn’t need no Thomas Guide, I was wherever I’m at
Never lost as long as I see the sun toss rays
Across Pacific waves at the end of my days
For the shadow of freeways, reflecting off locs
In this concrete jungle, every color of folks
Communicates loves, hates, murders, and gives birth
Been around the world, but the West Coast is earthly
Revolves on a fault line when my rhyme is not worthy
I just think of all the pioneers who threw up the West
Like Dogtown, Z-Boys, originating the fresh style
Mistaken as Wu style, lay back rocking shorts
Eating Mexican food style, Califas chief, a senorita’s smile
Down by the seashore, homies drink in the moonlight
They tag on the palm trees, and barbecue all night
Connect through the 5 like it’s our very own turnpike
The last summer sunlight still silhouettes the town
Like this big P sound type, the L.A. stereotype
The-S and Big Mike, so…

[Double K:]
Now, what’s the West Coast like? It’s like this!
Sunny days with the laid-back vibe
And everyone’s high on the rhythm to the beat of the folks
For me, it’s funk and it’s smoke; for them, it’s spinners and spokes
And I love it like this, with a twist and the pump of your fist
The people knowing my name, they say "I’m on the guest list"
Bust my rhyme out, a-check, check it out
In-N-Out, that’s what the Double Double’s all about
I’m checking out the chicas, man, they loving the flow
Up there in San Jose, where they be calling me "bro"
Or on a cold-ass night, chilling in San Francisco
Then I can bring it back to Culver City, get real low
Like a car club vehicle, up and down the state
Royal Crown in my cup, a lot of fun on my plate
And like a beat got a boogie and a pimp has dope
And lays a city of the big bang, dogs, and locs
You see, the crew I run with, we some no-good dudes
We getting nice up on the mic, but to the suckas, we rude
Me and the ocean go together like a bride and a groom
I disappear in a cloud, and all they heard was "boom"
It’s like Creed without Taylor, or bunny with no hop
It’s like Thes without his MP
And when you mention Los Angeles, don’t think about the cannabis
Make sure that you look for the P, yeah…

[Rap sample:] So if you in the city, and you got it like that… (scratched and repeated)

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