Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Spoken sample:] I love Doobies. They're so smooth... But I'm an artist. I can't write hit songs, but maybe you guys like what I have so far?

[Sung sample:] C'mon, get up, get on the way (repeated)

[Double K:]
Supreme, magical microphone being
Hearing is believing, and seeing is seeing
Music factory, I used to like the little gear
But nevermind that, I got the dope for your ear
Steer clear, the brand new Player of the Year
Rhyme sayer, back breaker, heart breaker
Eat an eighth and then veggies to keep my vision steady ([Spoken sample:] Ah!)
And it's on sight just like that tree and tatty
Keep it funky like a spaceship, corner, and a deuce
Or a long train ride, smokin' out the caboose, right past Devil's Slide
I'm from a set called "Hang Glide", we call it "air bangin'"
In the air, sangin' like the Brothers Biz-ell
We chillin' so well, you keep it medium, Mike took a beating and
Crashing, now what's the question you asking?
Should I get up? ([Sung sample:] Get up!)
Or should I get off? ([Sung sample:] Go off!)
Or should you get up? ([Sung sample:] Get up!)
Or should you... ([Spoken sample:] Goddamn!)

[Sung sample:] C'mon, get up, get on the way (repeated)
[Sung sample:] Go off! (scratched and repeated)

[Thes One:]
Microphone magistrate, super break breaker
I get deaf while the others root for Lakers
Digital Clippers, we hit the zeroes like Nicholas Canyon
I show my roots like a Banyan, off Fig & Five-Deuce
Tryin' to find a liquor store, pumpin' Rigor Mortis
Chris only make a cameo once every Christmas
Once for Lisa Lisa, and once for the Cult Jam, flat time, house band
Understand my industry hustles like a young Russell Simmons
Fryin' in the apple pan with Mike Bivens
Like the Michael Henderson "Slingshot" album cover ([Spoken sample:] Ah!)
Instagram Latin lover at the beach with the surfboard, waxed at the game
In fact, so much wax, the expert-ance gets strained
Collapse, IKEA won't take 'em back
Just hit the Peach Pit, bitch, chill, get a snack, man!

[Sung sample:] C'mon, get up, get on the way (repeated)
[Sung sample:] Go off! (scratched and repeated)
([Double K:] Yeah, you guys are the lads, yeah? So what do I settle it with, B? Yeah. Right. Word. Yeah, I love your Instagram, it's fucking wicked. Yeah, no, yeah yeah, we got you boys sorted out, yeah? You just want to... Yeah, a little green, you know? (?) Fancy. Fancy. Fancy.

[Man #1:] You wanna go with that? You wanna rehearse that one time? That shot, can you- can you get that pipe and stuff that I wanted...
[Girl #1:] This is something tight.
[Girl #2:] And I'mma say, like, um...
[Man #2:] He gonna bust with a tight shot of you, right?

[Spoken sample, scratched:] I love a lot of what hip hop is doing, um... money... drugs... "bling-bling"... "Say 'Ho!', say 'blow'"... and, um, give it something different: "Rock to the dee, za to the zee, dada dada dada dada, da to the dee". Super scooper, party pooper, man with all the super-duper, disco breaker with a- Yeah, you know, from that point on, going to the bathroom, I look over the banister there's... a lot of energy... always rhymin'! Naw, I want you to dance, I want you to listen to me, so... undefeated, never beated, never cheated, but succeeded, if I needed to believe it, rhymes all guaranteed. Uh, if I took the past and put it in the present, right now... party. And it's like, "Wow, we don't have anything else to talk about?"


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