Anti-Industry (feat. Aesthetics Crew) (unofficial title)

Written by: Rahul Marwah, Lucas Patterson, Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

Now, what you hear ain't industry
Aidge and Indy in the street
Likewise for the PUT-, Mike and Chris, Fun DMC!
Rollin' up to Pedro to see the rev fun
L.A. to Australia, known as Thes One
We heard the mixtape rollin' back from F Pack
Chicken on the grill, snatch a couple-a six packs
Rappin' 'bout the biz and about the way it is
Shady motherfuckers on some cockblock shit
I'm in the studio, amped up, let me get up on it
Just then I heard the… that's the freak that I wanted
Disco funkin', fuck these punks
Say they down with the hip hop and all that junk
Yo, what they down with? (Nada!) They just frontin'
Aesthetics on with Thes, man, we keep the party pumpin'

Pumpin' like tub bunnies on H-wood and Bronson
Pumpin' like the stairs when your Stepfather's stompin'
Rompin' around, better ran out of town
Take a can to the wall, put some letterin' down
They always want the old shit whenever we 'round
But fuck that, we never ever did it better than now
Aesthetics never doubt, our last of the headaches
While the rest falling off like plastic prosthetics (ooh!)
Blessed with genetics from a line of hard rocks
Rhyme with a flow so maligned, your heart stops
Not a ghetto blaster, prone to spark shit
On them pop chart hits, on some pop chart shit
Labels ain't real, they want pitiful story rap
They fables all filled with that toy, little boy rap
Crap like crane poop, they movements' fake
Undisputed money shitty, got moves to make

[Indy:] And got you moving like a collar shocking rocks to the cakes
Cause we rolling like a cattle farmer, raising the "steaks"
[Aidge:] So, brother, choose your fate, 'cause we could bruise your face
Sing "Praise God" to "Amazing Grace"
Call me J, subtle words ever sent to ball
Inside your folks, it ain't meant for y'all
[Indy:] We keep your act like you're knowing, bust a chuckle or two
While I throw a curveball and shoebucklin' crews
So, feel the funky, soul stylin' Aesthetics Crew
Or jump the fuck up in your old bucket and cruise
[Aidge:] Uh, to the South Bay side, down to St. Peter
Tryin' to find a fine Filipina senorita
But I'm drunk with my pele all out my wife-beater
Forget it, yo, Thes, pass a man a margarita
[Indy:] I got a Margarita on the way, met her at the last show
Dancing in the front, and a dedicated fan, bro
But never hear a banjo, 'cause that ain't the funk (uh uh!)
Street-slap bass, Double K, and break up the trunk
[Aidge:] Breakin' fronts from the Heights to the big Crown City
We ain't Pretty in Pink, more like a big brown (hey!)
[Indy:] So that's the ditty we wrote for supportin' sport
People Under The Stairs, the last decade was dope
From The Next Step, Question, "O.S.T."
…Or Stay Tuned, Stepfather, what's the newest release?
[Aidge:] Indy's sis married up a champion MC
The baby came out and said "Fun DMC"

[Thes One:] Oh, wow, that's my baby? Oh, that... oh, that sure is beautiful… that's beautiful, man. Oh, what a good baby.

[Thes One:]
Aesthetics and Thes One in the streets, we bless up beats
Ripped through the session and pieced the ([All:] Fun DMC!)
They don't know the flow rocks the show
I stage dive when the people say "Ho!" ([All:] Fun DMC!)
People may rap and know how to make beats
But right here, see, the package complete, the ([All:] Fun DMC!)
Beat the MC, laced you with the free beers early
We'll call it a preemie ([All:] Fun DMC!)
The A, the E, the S, the T, the H to the E-T, I to the C ([All:] Fun DMC!)
The A, the E, the S to the T, the H to the E-T-I-C ([All:] Fun DMC!)
Thes One, Th-Th-Thes One, go Thes One, go Thes One ([All:] Fun DMC!)
Go ladies, go everyone, go buy Fun DMC!
[Indy:] Fun DMC!

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