Ambien Hallway Music

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Spoken sample:] Right now, it's pretty tough to stay awake. I can do this… It's that simple… so if I have to keep up for 24 hours, and then sleeping for four, working for another 32, that's what we do…

[Spoken sample:] They're out here!

[Double K:]
I can't express to all of you how good it feels
To be recognized as those that specialize
In keeping it true and funky for you
I've dedicated my time, every pen stroke and rhyme
For those waiting in line on another warm night
Another story, we reminisce, it brings pure bliss
Joking and toasting to the ones that we missed
High-five for the future, no worries, we in this
But every good chapter must come to a close
Like when you cut that rose, and another one grows
Lay it on down, let the vibes flow through
The inner circle of your mind, forget about time
And no one lasts forever, night and day or bad weather
And I'll be sure to settle the score
It takes a nation of billions to hold the P back
We eight albums deep and ain't cutting no slack
Through the ups and downs and all the smiles and frowns
Whether broke or rich, we play at the same pitch
Standing the test of any obstacle in our way
Peace and goodnight… I'mma let the music play

Close your eyes, quiet your mind
Drift away, the day is behind

[Thes One:]
I guess all good nights must… come to a cease
Above the clouds and stars, celestial LEDs
The sun is giving chase, closing in on the moon
Rest now, the fire in the heaven's back soon
With another dawn to live life and have fun
I do it for DJ Dusk, do it for Rob One
The city extends on nothing but orange lights
In an endless array of the solitude that's night
So as I lay me down to sleep, I won't weep
For the spilt milk felt, regrets, and things deep
In my head, in the bed, focus on good instead
Count sheep, pray my music to soul keep
So close your eyes and drift into the drone note
Let your body float on the rhythm and ill quotes
The kick instills hope, the snare ensnares sorrow
The music is the promise that will be here tomorrow
No end of the road, next step: boys to men
Will be here when you wake up, do it all over again
It's nothing between friends to share a couple of things
'Cause we the P, forever, goodnight and sweet dreams

Close your eyes, quiet your mind
Drift away, the day is behind

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