Alright (Raashan Ahmad & Thes One)

Written by: Christopher Portugal & Raashan Ahmad

[Sung sample:] Alright… yeah, yeah… (repeats)

[Raashan Ahmad:] ([Thes One:] One!)
Time for the rhyme (Two!), time for the beats (Three!)
For to circle starters (Four!), for the heartbeats (What?)
Feeding concrete heat, make the tempo for me
I'm like a mini-metronome, dome, zone, and see
The melody, free-thinker, non-ether rhythm
Hidden within women and men, beautiful blend
Send sound, get down, found rhythm all around
In the breath of passer-bys when leaves hit the ground
In the limp or your strut, it keeps keepin' on
Like the birth of the dawn, children, or the Fonz
It's the rhythm, y'all, drum sounds rising to the top
Lost love, or your rock, pop, even hip hop
The stage got many searching for fortune and fame
But lacking basic rhythm, that's the name of the game
Aim high before you fly, but before you begin
Imagine happenin' without the rhythm
Imagine clappin' without the rhythm
Imagine rhymin' without the rhythm
Imagine climbin' without the rhythm
Without the rhythm, without the rhythm

[Thes One:]
My people were born with it, so blessed, gifted
Remember where it came from, and not Limp Bizkit
The Internet, or a jet set gigolo
Collecting the promo on the down low
I sound so funky 'cause my poppa was
My rhythm like a hammer since proper words
To say 'em or play 'em on tracks, let your backbone slide
Doing the Robocop, rollin' to a stop, sippin' a Rolling Rock
Opt to rock with The-S beat, fresh and complete
A 94 BPM heart that beats
Living rhythm, gettin' the kids out their seat
In 'em, in it, the infinite truth of the whole
Things move in loops to the Funky Four soul
And for the record, my rap, the bell tolls
Freein' the souls of ancestors, we made it this far
Nevertheless, The-S representing the West Coast
And still love the hot butter on my breakfast toast
([Raashan Ahmad:] Still love the hot butter on my breakfast toast!
[Thes One:] Still love the hot butter on my breakfast toast!

[Sung sample:] Alright… yeah, yeah… (repeats)
([Thes One:] Say what? Say what?
[Raashan Ahmad:] Say what?
[Thes One:] Still love the hot butter on my breakfast toast!
[Raashan Ahmad:] Alright. Say what? Say what?
[Thes One:] Still love the hot butter on my breakfast toast!)

[Thes One:] Well, alright…
[Raashan Ahmad:] Alright.
[Thes One:] Hey, hey…
[Raashan Ahmad:] Say what?
[Thes One:] Bringin' it back in the day to the break of the daylight
Rhythm making the beat, we write so tight
Like old Underoos, crews move to the right
[Raashan Ahmad:] Left rhythm, blessed fresh, rudiment, rap practice
Catch this movement, bro, go with the rhyme
Time intertwined, bliss, back and forth, source camp
With my eyes on the prize, De La the plus amp
[Thes One:] To the beat, y'all
[Raashan Ahmad:] Beat, y'all!
[Thes One:] A-yes yes, y'all
[Raashan Ahmad:] Yes, y'all!
[Thes One:] Raashan Ahmad and Thes One'll rock fresh, y'all
[Raashan Ahmad:] Fresh, y'all!
[Thes One:] A pair of medics with that medical portocall
Bringing the hip hop up from the toe-tap
[Raashan Ahmad:] And I'm from SoCal, and I'm so fresh
That I could write a fly rhyme to come off the chest… ay-yo, Thes One!
[Thes One:] Bonafide mics, let's bless some…
[Raashan Ahmad:] We gonna keep it, keep it going 'til the five come!
(Whoop whoop!)
[Thes One:] And bust up the club while your rub-a-dub freaks
Sneakin' in bottles, talking to a dude named Carlos
Tomorrow's another day, so party tonight
I wanna see the ladies dancing and nobody fight
[Raashan Ahmad:] The scene's tight
High pros move through the crowd
Seein' what it's all about that make the bass kick
[Thes One:] It makes this head crack
[Raashan Ahmad:] People moving their back
[Thes One:] It's just like this, brotha!
[Raashan Ahmad:] Naw, it's just like that!

[Sung sample:] Alright… yeah, yeah… (repeats)
[Thes One:] Say what? Yeah, uh huh…
[Raashan Ahmad:] Ah ha ha!
[Thes One:] A-Los Angeles…
[Raashan Ahmad:] It's so real, what?
[Thes One:] Hold line, y'all, West Coast… Raashan Ahmad…
[Raashan Ahmad:] Say what? That's right… uh huh?

[Thes One:] One time…
[Raashan Ahmad:] What? A circle started

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