Alleys (Bada)

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Sung sample:] Bada...
[Spoken sample:] Here's the violence, y'all...

[Sung sample:] Bada, bada, bada... (repeated throughout song)

[Woman:] Kickin' back in the alley, it...
[Man:] Kickin' back in our alley. It's kinda hot out here, you know? We kick back and write reality. The homies, they know what time it is.
[Woman:] What if you need to go to the studio? How do you prepare yourself for that? ([Rap sample:] Ah hah hah!)
[Man:] Take one to the head and we ready...

[Thes One:]
Out in these streets, it's too cold, it's always young man season
No rhyme or no reason, anybody could cease breathing
The block freezin', nineties and up, in this heat, windows down
Nowhere to go, harbor freeway, pedal down
Ghetto tin town, OGs with the uniform
Writin' on the wall like Sumerian cuneiform
Communicates the norm and let you know who got beef
Keep your eyes open, chief, you gotta watch for a thief
They red-light trapping, man, accidents happen and
My boy on Avalon and 220th, a carjacking
Coming out the Yellow Basket, he was eating french fries
He let his guard down, they probably seen the look in his eyes
I can only surmise, they needed the car more than him
You pick yourself up, these streets'll help you build a thick skin
'Cause we old enough, jaded, cope by gettin' faded
Hope is hard to come by if you keep it street-related
In the streets...

[Sung sample:] Rise for the ride, leave how you like, it's all so sweet, this August street
Love in the heart, soon, gonna start, out there I need ecstasy
Let's go, let's go, let's go, go, go

[Double K:]
The super drunk techs big on astronomy
You suckas owe hip hop an apology
No apologizing for the hypnotizing
Babylon falling, young black youth rising
Sizing the jam up, making the rhyme rough
Kicking up dust, La Cienega tough
Throw signs to my buddies that only they know
'Cause once again, it's that West Los Angeles flow
We drinking in public with the homies, we love it
2Pac in traffic, my nigga, it's a habit
Ghostride the cliff, 'til I'm D-E-F
High treble clef, blowing up the West
And any intersection, you can see my imperfection
Looking at them fools like they need an intervention
Niggas, in the streets is where you find these beats
Uncontainable, you can find me in the streets

[Rap sample:] I tried to get away, but I couldn't get far ([Rap sample:] Ah hah hah!)
'Cause a man with a tow truck repossessed my car ([Rap sample:] Ah hah hah!)
Standing on the front stoop, hanging out the window...
Scare my wife when I'm not home...
And all the kids smoke reefer... 'cause it's crazy after dark
I can't take the smell... it's just not healthy
People... everywhere... on the stairs, you know they just don't care
[Rap sample:] We all knew right from wrong... as a kid, thinking shit like that was mad deep
[Spoken sample:] While these busters out here, claiming to be real ([Rap sample:] Ah hah hah!)

[Smokey V:] (That's bullshit, man.) Hey, bro, niggas on the motherfuckin' corner gonna pull up on me, asking me where I'm from and shit, man... On some suss shit. Holding the heat and shit, man.
[Double K:] Over there? Shit, where they from?
[Smokey V:] I don't know. Don't even fuckin' matter. Them niggas is on some weird shit, man. I don't do none of that shit. I make music, man. Straight up. I don't do none of that other shit, man. Them niggas is on some other shit.
[Double K:] That's what you're supposed to do, man. Next time you see them dudes, man, tell them to kick rocks, man.
[Smokey V:] I ain't got time for that shit. Fuck them niggas, man.
[Double K:] Word.
[Blewfoot:] Bitch niggas. I wish my nigga, OG Rick, was here. He'd-a checked all them niggas. Yeah, give me the dominoes. Shit.


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