Afternoon Connection

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Rap sample:] Uh… check it out… (aight…) (repeated and scratched)
Open the scene like this here… yo…

[Thes One:] (Aight, look: here's the deal, Lex. There's a party up the street, man. We gonna get some 40s of MGD, there's girls there, and you could roll out with the two-man squad…)

Me and Double K are like Adderley and Axlerod
The bi-racial funk duo crate-cracking wizards
PUTS like UPS, Thes deliver the beat
Shiver your spine (Woah!), spank your spleen with a rhyme in-between
Every line is tight lean, subliminal, you'll get it tomorrow
What I flipped on a CD, with C-O-D, overnight delivery
It's carefully rapped, sealed, syllabically revealed
The tragedy of rap mastery: lots to tell
Now, (Pow!) from the kisser of the gift horse mouth
Hip-hop flew down south, and god damn, I miss her
So when the migrate makes me irate, I just wait
Different strokes for folks that grunt when the P masters all styles
And I'm all smiles, when they tell me we're not hip-hop
I rock freestyles in flip-flops
Listen to classic rock, and lock the door with a bolt
'Cause to me the real "No Limit" means Young Holt
We the leaders of the True School revolt
Next Step took the weight in '98, musically none greater
Double K, kick the rhythm back into the cross-fader
Thes One, ripping soul-crasher (woo!) ([Rap sample:] Peace, see ya later!)

[Double K:]
Ay-yo, it's me Hale Bop in the place to go
And fo' sho', I rock jams like (Stoning a nigga!)
How you figure you can be a little harder than this?
I'll make a fist and sock you with it, my lyrics is like (Hit it!)
In the place, the bass is what I use as a weapon
You punks, you keep stepping, it's the H that I'm repping
On the blocks, we chills, light Phills, and guzzle brews
(Ay-yo, pass that shit nigga!)
Wit' about five packs of niggas mobbing in twos (Yeah!)
Make these white dudes think twice, make scary niggers faint (C'mon, man.)
These be some punk niggers, yo, that's something we ain't
I'm the cool tragic, reeking of deep funk
The hardcore punk with 'nuff rhythm to pump
Like Billy Blanks and Tae-Bo, the late night psycho
Playing all these punk niggas on the mic like Tyco
Or better yet Mattel, excel like car speed (What are you gonna do?)
Shock the mic like I was balling an orange suit, nigga
You'll get the boot just like Aresnio, kick you out the Hall of Hip Hop
I'm not a fan of trip-hop, they call me Hale Biz-op, the fanner of hi-zop
Yo, beats and blunts, dark clothes and pretty cunts is what I want
(Hey, hey, hey, you from People Under The Stairs, man!)
And I'm also from Crescent Heights, where Phillies get rolled tight
And niggas beef at night with each other 'cause ain't nothin' else to do
But roll up out and get stoned with your crew
Peace to my nigger Pops, Young Thump, and the rest
I'm DJ Double K, iller and I'm flow with the best
Aw shit, I hang out with Thes, chilling with Lex…
Yo what's up with this party, man?

(I'm saying, dude... Let's go, get faded, know what I mean? Niggas got money in our pockets tonight. Let's go out, have a little bit of fun, be hip hop, you know? Let's do it.)

[Rap sample:] Get business in the place (repeated and scratched)

[Spoken sample:] (I love you!) C'mon, everybody, say "yeah!"
Go run a block, say "yeah!"
Outta sight… ooh, wow.

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