80 Blocks From Silverlake

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Man #1, left speaker:] Hey, my nigga, get me some Cheetos at the store! Ah, nah, nah, fo' sho'… Aight, fo' sho'! Ah, she's probably cool, though… Chirp for me on some Cheetos, yo… Yeah, I musta (?)… Just chirp me, homie… [high pitched:] "You want some Cheetos?" [regular voice:] Hell yeah, I want some Cheetos! Wake up, homie… Wake up, homie… Ay-yo, you coming down the street later on? What about some basketball, nigga?
[Man #2, right speaker:] Ay-yo, but first… But, yo, first, I need a Black & Mild… Aight, is that the homie over there? Aw, what's up, my nigga! Hey, what's going on, though? Nah, come outside, though! I'm about to get a Black & Mild …maybe I'll go to the pool. I'm trying to go swimming, my nigga! You know, fo' sho'… Man, fuck them Cheetos, nigga, let's go to the pool, nigga! Hey, c'mon, let's go ride bikes, my nigga. Ohhhh!

[Double K:]
(L.A., y'all!)… Yawn… I just got up out the bed
Feel my liver hurting, and heard the little homies chirping
"Where y'all at?" is all I heard out the window
Cars rolling by booming, got a whiff of the Indo'
Word to GC, I'm 'bout to start my day
I crack a brew for the hangover, dude, I'm never sober
The overweight Psycho Les, I'm down with Junkyard Thes
And hit him on the phone ([Thes One:] Ay-yo, I'm chilling at the rest)
I'm mention some brew and good times with our friends
Hit up the ATM and withdraw some ends
Now, I'm chilling in the plans, hooking up at Bluefoot's
I stopped and got the goose with a bag of cush
Now I'm PUSH-ed like Jesse Jackson to where niggas is maxing
Old folks on the porch with the Al Green, relaxing
Fresh white tee and I'm cool like Fashion
Rolled up to the spot and heard the Jackson 5 blasting (ABC!)
Dominoes crashing, you know how it go
I'm from Los Angeles, nigga, that's all we know
So if you hear any noise, it's just me and the crew
Heineken, bottle caps, and the aroma of boom

[Rap sample:] Feel the vibe, check the flavor
[Double K:] You caught in a trance and now nothing can save you
[Rap sample:] Lose your mind, then you lose your soul
[Double K:] 'Cause niggas in L.A. like to lose control (x2)

[Thes One:]
Another beautiful day in L.A., I already smelled the charcoal
The awful hangover from last night's already a memory
I walk into Busy Bee, all the homies remember me (Hey!)
The barbeque chicken, no skin, my day begins
Looking at Catalina, dubbing by the sports arena
At the homie's house, Hawthorne at large
I jump on the 110, pumping El DeBarge
I'm on the same old bullshit in the busted Forerunner
Gonna call up my cell number, politic conversate
Newman on the other line, saying Seattle feels great
"Well, alright, late, wish you were here, my brother"
But I gotta go to downtown, rappers came to Silverlake
And couldn't capture the sound, look of my skyline
My dad used to work in the basement of Transamerica
On Hill Street, we L.A.-bred, street cred with ill beats
Posse still meets on 52nd to the street, to play dominoes
Talking shit and eating tacos
There goes Slauson, the homies stay flossing
I check out new graffiti, bust a right on Vermont, then I feel the vibe!

[Rap sample:] Feel the vibe, check the flavor
[Double K:] You caught in a trance and now nothing can save you
[Rap sample:] Lose your mind, then you lose your soul
[Double K:] 'Cause niggas in L.A. like to lose control (x2)

[Thes One:] Yeah, Double, I'm outside in the ride
[Double K:] Yo, there's parking up the street, hurry up, we getting right
[Thes One:} Got the parallel park and the city's getting dark
[Double K:] Man, the homies'll watch the ride, them niggas is sharks
[Thes One:] Well, alright, I'm getting out with a whole lot of beer
[Double K:] Word, just come around the side, everybody's in the rear
See, if you didn't think that we be partying up
Then come to 52nd, watch the homies get drunk

[Spoken sample:] Ooh, looks like it's starting to rain (Ooh!)
Everybody's trying to get out of the rain (x4)
(Ooh!) Ooh!

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