12 Step Program Commercial

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Spoken sample:] ...fifteen thousand dollars bond, he joins us...
[Sung sample:] ...way, make all our dreams...
[Spoken sample:] ...first and last name...
[Spoken sample:] ...Kurahashi hitto sutaashon...
[Spoken sample:] ...brand new bag, it's a man's world...

[Thes One:]
Yeah, fuck underground, fuck commercial rap, fuck y'all
This my last verse about rap music... sup, y'all?
And just so you know, I'm not speakin' abstract
All of y'all can pass the ball and just fall the fuck back
Look who's breathin' down your necks, reppin' album number nine
On the road, drinkin' beer, poppin' shit, drinkin' wine
With a straight face, I don't care, I feel no repercussion
Sit and loop percussion, get drunk and start bustin'
So what, man? We all rap, deal or no deal
It's no big deal, but still rappers lyin' for appeal
Over pitter-patter beats, gettin' dressed up in jewelry
In the streets, kids are dyin' over tomfoolery
And glorified dope 'cause you sold 'em false hope
In pursuit of gold records at your own people's throat
Remember that fact when you glance in the mirror
And catch the reflection off your diamond by De Beers

([Thes One:] Fuckin' 12 Step Program!
[Double K:] Man, chill out. I got you on this, man.
I feel EXACTLY where you comin' from. Don't trip.)

[Double K:]
What I'm hearin' on the radio reminds me of fellatio
Grown men cryin', rhymin' about diamonds
'Bout to ruin your rassclaat dreams and bring you back to reality
Another casualty who figured they could battle me
Fuck your major label and them lies you tell
Niggas is cops talkin' about how many birds they sell
Word to my man Del, I'm in my b-boy stance
I see them dudes wearin' skirts... "Yo, what's up with your man?"
Rappin' about a chick in every song that you got
And got the nerve to turn around and call that shit hip-hop
My definition is shootin' from the hip
And makin' you jump out them Louis Vuitton slippers, ol' Nickelback niggas
What happened to little ittle-y bittle-y dittle-y rap
Niggas sippin' too much lean and can't handle that
I hope you have a stroke in the booth with all that molly
Next time you board your private jet, Buddy Holly... nigga!

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