100 Miles

Written by: Michael Turner & Christopher Portugal

[Blewfoot:] Here we go. Put that bad boy up in there like that. Hold up. Yeah, here we go... you know, every time I run into people who talk about the People Under The Stairs, some of them says "yes", some of 'em say "no", but the ones that do know, they know. I bumped into one cat on Huntley Boulevard: "Yeah, I was over there in France and seen them over there." I said "That's right. Yeah, that's my cats, man." You know? Real hip hop, nigga. They know about the true history of it, and that's what they're bringing to the table, y'all. You know what I'm saying? It's real music, and it's fun hip hop, man. Just like Fun DMC, baby. You know what I'm talking about? Yeah. Double K and Thes One. (snap) On the one, y'all.

[Spoken sample:] …Now, if I can at this moment, let me try to relate… to whatever questions you may have…

[Double K:]
A hundred days, a hundred nights, one hundred flights, up stairs
One hundred's how we keep it even when everyone's sleeping
But deeper still, it's the Brothership Connection
One direction, straight to the nosebleed section
The peak session, and yes, we cooler than most
It started with the love for music and a thing for the West Coast
Back to the essence, we keep the funk in our possession
Like the killer and his weapon, keep the next man steppin'
Skankin' your shoes off, breakin' the jams off
Turnin' your vibes on... what'd you say, brother? ([Spoken sample:] Right on!)
The unsung heroes for the meantime, P-in' on your stage time
Turn the page and see the same gifted rhyme
Universal, unlimited, take a look up, we killin' it
You see the people, they feelin' it
Mike and Chris, we Ren and Dre passin' the gage
They said it's time to get off stage

[Both:] Said get off stage, but it's the gettin' off stage (repeated)
([Sped-up voice:] Hey, you guys are the band? Okay, who do I talk to? Where's your manager? You don't have a manager? You don't have a Twitter either! Where's your entourage? Okay, who's handling your social media? 'Cause, you know, your Instagram sucks. Who wants to see your dogs?? Oh, you mean to tell me you guys sell your own merch?! Oh my god, you guys think you're so funny.

[Thes One:]
I had to touch the future, so I could hear the past
I had to hand you the trigger, so I could feel the blast
I put my fate in the hands of my fans and tried to last
Longer than my heroes, I ripped the posters off the wall so fast
I bought their albums and they broke up, so much for that
They took that money, and they smoked up
I choke up at our memories and vow to keep the P on track
With destiny, so you could see where this would lead
Bigger than some beer and weed
Bigger than just Mike and me
Bigger than L.A. city
This music come with me and drug me right through that humanity
One handshake at a time on every corner of the map
0708, 0901 ain't nothing but a handclap
In a motel in Columbus, he was ready to call it quits
Sample lawsuits, fast foods, and the bed bugs itch
But something about the rhyme and going on stage, it kept us going
As long as y'all kept showing, who am I to turn my back
I'm flowing, making my beats from stolen moments
Owing everything to everyone who came before me
Knowing, damn, we'll never be considered one of the best
But as long as we're considered
The P from the West, Mike and Chris'll just
Keep this shit going, and keep this shit going
On and on until I'm gone...

[Spoken sample:] And they try to make an issue of busing, but a bus is no issue to pop. They've been busing ever since I can remember, y'all (repeated and scratched)
[Spoken sample:] Hey, y'all, you see what they did to me? It was two of these motherfuckers up here. I done took a picture with one already, you know what I'm saying? One was Mike, and... where ya at? C'mere, man. C'mere, man...


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