Holiday Beat Tape 2009

Holiday Beat Tape 2009 (Straight Out The MPC3000) (2009) Thes One

CD Release:

  1. Last Xmas In San Pedro
  2. Wake Me Up
  3. Greece
  4. To The Beat
  5. Cuba
  6. Circles
  7. Four On The Floor
  8. Emmitt's Depression
  9. NOW
  10. Dawn Patrol
  11. Fred Williams
  12. Fine Focus
  13. Express Myself Live Chop
  14. Jungle Groove
  15. Sope Opera
  16. Devils Anvil (Again)
  17. Go Home
  18. Falling
  19. Buy, Buy

Album info:
An instrumental beat tape, handmade by Thes One as a holiday present to 60 dedicated fans. Copies were issued in a coverless jewel case with "##/60" on the back, and a typed and hand-signed note from Thes One.

Track information was not issued with the original CD, but provided by Thes One later on the PUTS Forums in the form of a picture of his iTunes playlist for the beat tape.

Release versions:
CD: no label (2009) - (Only 60 copies made; released in 2009).

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