The Next Stets

The Next Stets (2004) (Stetsasonic / Thes One)

12" Release:

Side A:

  1. Sally (Thes One Remix)
  2. Sally (Thes One Remix) (Instrumental)

Side B:

  1. DBC Let The Music Play (Thes One Remix)
  2. DBC Let The Music Play (Thes One Remix) (Instrumental)
  3. Hidden Gem

Album info:
Tracks A1-B2: Lyrics written in 1988 by Stetsasonic (P. Huston, G. Bolton, L. Roman, A. Hamilton, M. Nemley, M. Wright, B. Simmons); remixed/produced by Thes One (C. Portugal).
Track B3: Produced by C. Portugal.

Release versions:
12" single: Kajmere Sound Distribution (2004) - KSD-036 (Released in 2004).

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