Mithai (2004) The Wedding of Christopher C. Portugal & Ritu Marwah

CD Release:

  1. Intro (the gift)
  2. The Promise
  3. Mujhe Zindagi Ki Duva
  4. Brakhage
  5. Pyar Karnewale
  6. Move On Up
  7. I Would Die For You
  8. Ek Do Teen
  9. Cross Country
  10. Viva Peru
  11. The Party Life
  12. We've Only Just Begun
  13. The Start
  14. O Saathi Re I
  15. O Saathi Re II
  16. Loving You
  17. The Visit
  18. Historia De Amor
  19. Do It Again
  20. Love And Happiness
  21. Khullam Khulin Pyar
  22. Little Green Apples
  23. Dekho Maine Dehka Hai
  24. Holding You

Album info:
Celebrating the union of Chris and Ritu, Saturday, May 15th Two-Thousand and Four.

Hand-mixed by Christopher Portugal, live from their original vinyl sources collected from several continents. Track 2 written, recorded and produced by C. Portugal.

Release versions:
CD: Tres Records / PL70 (2004) - PL6010 (Only 500 copies made; released in 2004).

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