L.A. Mike Mixtape

Uhh, I Hope Y'all Got Your Sunglasses On Out There (2002)("L.A. Mike")

Internet download:

  1. "Intro/Drankin wit Joe Cooh"
  2. Sadat X - Ka-Ching
  3. Large Professor - Have Fun
  4. Slum Village - Once Upon A Time
  5. Lone Catalyst - The Pros
  6. Nas - One Love (L.A. Mike's Mixdown)
  7. Tek (from Smif-n-Wessun) - All Massive
  8. Pete Rock (feat. Kool G Rap & Large Professor) - Truly Yours '98
  9. WC And The Maad Circle - Out On A Furlough
  10. Ice-T - Bitches 2
  11. "L.A. Mike's Shout Outs"
  12. Big Daddy Kane - Mortal Kombat
  13. Scarface - Let Ya Nuts Hang
  14. Blastmaster KRS-One - The "P" Is Still Free
  15. Freestyle Fellowship - Shammys
  16. "DJ Double KK - Old Dudes Approval Mix"
  17. Jay Dee - Fuck The Police
  18. "L.A. Mike - P-Funk Lesson 101"
  19. The Nonce - Keep It On
  20. Funkdoobiest - Where's It At
  21. Cypress Hill - Stoned Is The Way Of The Walk
  22. The Dogg Pound - If We All Fucc
  23. Sequence - Funk You Up
  24. Tanya Winley - Vicious Rap
  25. J.J. Fad - Now Really
  26. Roxxane Shante - Have A Nice Day
  27. Da King & I - Flip Da Script
  28. Jeru The Damaja - My Mind Spray
  29. Artifacts - Dynamite Soul (Remix)
  30. "Dub K - 40 Ounce Nigga Mix"
  31. D.O.C. Outro

Album info:
Peace to all the dj's who play funky music also to P-chop for the artwork.
Look for the P.U.T.S. release this summer and more fix tapes to come
Get yo fix and get funky.OH! 200LIVE!!.

PL70 re-release:
Dug out of the crates and newly remastered, Double K's classic mixtape of rap music and whatnot, all spun off of original vinyl for your pleasure.

Mixed by Double K/L.A. Mike.

Release versions:
CD: no label (2002) - (Limited release).
Internet mixtape: PL70.net (2011) (Free archival download located here: http://pl70.net/downloads/uhh-i-hope-yall-gotcha-sunglasses-on-out-there-double-k/).

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