The Next Step II

The Next Step II (1998)

Vinyl Release:

Side A:

  1. The Next Step II
  2. The Next Step II (Gangstramental)
  3. 4 Everybody (omits the album intro)

Side B:

  1. Time To Rock Our Shit
  2. Time To Rock Our Shit (Gangstramental)
  3. Bonus Track Feat. Eddie Van Halen (Live At The Fishbucket (Pt. 1))

Album info:
"All nutritious ear snacks produced, arranged, engineered, massaged, fondled, yelled at, and taken out to dinner by Thes One for the Badfoot Bunion Tribe. Double K did all the scratchin', and you know it's fresh. Oh yeah, and that's them rapping. How gangster!"

"Thes made these tracks while eating a Whopper. That's why it's soooo gangsta! Double K did the scratchin' without a mixer; figure that one you DMC practicin, battle record buyin, crab scratchin, off beat, hamster bitch DJ's. Oh yeah, and they ripped the mic. Eat a dick. 1998. People Under The Stairs. Harvard Heights / Crescent Heights, Mid-City Los Angeles."

There have been two pressings of this single, but both contained a locked run-out groove between each track. Although track B3 was listed on the original, it did not exist on the album. Subsequent repressings actually included the track.

Release versions:
12" single: PUTS Records - PUTS 6001 (Released in 1998).

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