Original Sounds & Tracks

Original Sounds & Tracks (2006) (Stepchild Fan Club Edition Vol. 1)

CD Release:

  1. Sample from Step In
  2. Sample from The Suite For Beaver, Pt. 1
  3. Sample from The Suite For Beaver, Pt. 2
  4. Sample from Outrun
  5. Sample from Give Love A Chance
  6. Sample from Jamboree, Pt. 1 (Break)
  7. Sample from Montego Slay
  8. Sample from Plunken' Em
  9. Sample from The L.A. Song
  10. Sample from Crown Ones
  11. Sample from Acid Raindrops
  12. Sample from You
  13. Sample from O.S.T. (Original Soundtrack)
  14. Sample from The Brownout
  15. Sample from The Joyride
  16. Sample from The Breakdown

Album info:
Over 70 minutes of jazz, funk, rock, and soul originals used by People Under The Stairs for the listed tracks.

The First Stepchild to submit an accurate track listing including original song title, artist and album wins $500 courtesy of Thes One...

[Note from Sactown, Nov. 15, 2011:] I am not listing any of the actual track names or artists here because P.U.T.S. has a long-standing policy of not divulging samples, and I'd like to stick to it. Also, part of the fun is supposed to be discovering the samples on your own.

Thes One has confirmed in an 11/10/11 interview with me that no one has gotten every sample or the $500. I personally know only 9 of them.

Mixed by P.U.T.S. as a Piecelock 70 Production.

Release versions:
CD promo: Boot Leg Recordings (2006) - BLR 6004 (Only 500 copies made; released as a promo CD with purchase of Stepfather).

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