Mustache Soul

Thes One Presents: Mustache Soul (2006)

CD Release:

  1. Midnight Express To Love City - Spaceship Earth
  2. Dancin' Mood - Lenon Honor Jr.
  3. On The Corner - Jeff Phelps
  4. Do You Have It All Together? - Carver High School '84
  5. Jammin' To The Walls - Mirage
  6. Changing - Lenon Honor Jr.
  7. Stop What You Are Doing - Alex Blake Jr.
  8. It's Your Life - Billy Martin
  9. Party On - The Whatnaughts
  10. Fast Lane - Tailor Made
  11. Butter & Toast - James Becton
  12. Come Back Lover - Fresh Band
  13. Just Not Enough - Billy Always
  14. I'm Down If You're Down - Simon and McQueen
  15. Messin' With My Thing - Charles Wright
  16. Piece Of Mind - Wendell Harrison
  17. I Care - Otis G. Johnson
  18. Here And Now - Paradise
  19. Creative Happiness - Steve Marshall
  20. Space And Time - Guitar Red

Album info:
Mustache Soul is a collection of Private Press and Demo Soul Music from 1975-1985. It is commonly characterized by strong drum machine and synth presence and an earnest bedroom production quality. We here at Piecelock/BLR decided [we] want to give you an opportunity to get familiar eith this wonderful, lost music. This is Mustache Soul.

Mixed by Thes One as a Piecelock 70 Production.

Release versions:
CD promo: Boot Leg Recordings (2006) - BLR 6003 (Only 500 copies made; released as a promo CD with purchase of Stepfather).
Internet download: (2011) (Free archival download located here:

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