Highlighter - EP

Highlighter - EP (2011)

iTunes download:

  1. Too Much Birthday
  2. Too Much Birthday (Instrumental)
  3. Foolish People
  4. Foolish People (Instrumental)
  5. Uprock Boogie
  6. Uprock Boogie (Instrumental)
  7. Electric Tookie (mislabeled as "Dewrit!")
  8. Electric Tookie (Instrumental) (mislabeled as "Dewrit!" [Instrumental])
  9. Fishbucket Soundcheck
  10. Fishbucket Soundcheck (Instrumental)

Album info:
Promotional iTunes release for Highlighter.

Release versions:
iTunes download: Piecelock70 (12/2/2011) (Released as a downloadable promo for Highlighter.)

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