Highlighter #2 (2011)

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Clip info:
http://pl70.net/people-under-the-stairs-highlighter/ :: Highlighter. The 8th album by People Under The Stairs. Coming September 23rd, 2011.

Promo Video #2, feat. OG Blewfoot 52nd Street Funk Commander and Len

Kat O1O - Acoustic Piano, Moog Minimoog Rev.d
Double K - Acoustic Piano "The G Note"
Thes One - Rhythm King drum machine, Glockenspiel

Recorded by Eric Palmquist
Shot and edited by B.I.B

09.23.11: handmade gatefold double vinyl, limited to 2,000 copies. available worldwide via iTunes/Amazon. CDs at your local store.

YouTube: People Under The Stairs | Highlighter | #2 (posted by user Piecelock70).

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