Funner Than Leather

Thes One Presents: Funner Than Leather (2008) (Fun DMC Promo Mixtape)

Internet download:

  1. 4 Dollar Intro*
  2. Dub Independents*
  3. Party Time*
  4. Maximus Party - TJ Swann, Pee Wee Mel & Swann Controllers
  5. Maximus Party (Remix)* (feat. Shawn Jackson)
  6. Dance Freak (Mixtape Intro)* (feat. Time Machine)
  7. Dance Freak - Chain Reaction, Pt. 1
  8. Dance Freak (Remix)* (feat. Time Machine)
  9. Dance Freak - Chain Reaction, Pt. 2
  10. Anti-Industry* (feat. Aesthetics Crew)
  11. Jingling Baby - LL Cool J
  12. Jingling Baby (Mixtape Outro)*
  13. Willie Rap - Willie Wood & The Willie Wood Crew
  14. Willie Rap (Remix)* (feat. Newman)
  15. Rocker's Choice (Mixtape Intro)*
  16. Rocker's Choice - Sweet Lady & Xanadu
  17. Rocker's Choice (Mixtape Outro)*
  18. People Riddum (snippet; first 1:34 of track)
  19. Step Bacc (snippet; first 1:37 of track)
  20. Step Bacc (DJ Day Mix)
  21. No Nos Pararan (Mixtape Intro)*
  22. No Nos Pararan - Charanga 76
  23. No Nos Pararan (Mixtape Outro)*
  24. Synth Jam - ??
  25. I Will Be Your DJ*
  26. A Guiding Star - ??
  27. Good Co., Pt. 2* (feat. Raashan Ahmad)
  28. Sweet Naomi Rap - Naomi Peterson
  29. The Bottom Line*
  30. ...We Out*
  31. Wake Up, Brothers - Doug Hammond

Album info:
Originally released as a promo for Fun DMC, People Under Stairs' 6th album, this hour long mix by Thes One includes awesome guest appearances and unreleased material and remixes. Featuring Shawn Jackson, Time Machine, Newman, Paul Dateh, Aesthetics Crew, Raashan Ahmad, Kat Ouano, and Headnodic.

*[Note from Sactown, Nov. 15, 2011:] This was released as a one-track audio file, so please note that the starred (*) track names were named by me personally for this website, and they are not offical names by People Under The Stairs.

I also don't know the names of two of the non-PUTS tracks, so they are greyed out.

I broke this up because one long lyrics page would be kinda ridiculous for a 60-minute track.

Mixed by Thes One as a Piecelock 70 Production.

Release versions:
Internet mixtape: Piecelock70 (2008) (Released as a downloadable promo for Fun DMC).
Internet mixtape: (2011) (Free archival download located here:

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