Finding Bin Laden, Episode 1 (2002)

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Clip info:
Check out the classic People Under The Stairs animation Finding Bin Laden Episiode 1!

Om Records presents... People Under The Stairs in "Finding Bin Laden, Episode 1".
Staring [sic]: Thes One & Double K
Produced by: John Cornett
Art Director: Marlon McKenney
Animation by: Nica Lorber, Jason Sadler
Character Design: Doug Cunningham
Written by: John Cornett, Thes One & Double K
Voices: Gunnnar [sic] Hissam, Colin McClure, Kiri Eschelle, Double K & Thes One, Marlon McKenney
Audio: Chris Smith, Michael Tello, Marlon McKenney
Developed by: Artnomad Design
Original Sound Track [sic]: People Under The Stairs
Look for the album "O.S.T." in stores now.

Web Animation: Finding Bin Laden, Episode 1 (2002) [Sactown's note: not sure where this was originally shown on the web (possibly Om Records' website?), but it seems a bit early for YouTube. If I ever find out, I'll post it here]
YouTube: People Under The Stairs - Finding bin Laden Episode 1 (posted by user OmRecords).

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