Redheaded Stepfather

Redheaded Stepfather: The Fake Leak (2006)

CD Release:

  1. Step Intro
  2. Lyrical Miracles
  3. 4 Elements
  4. Sucka Emceez
  5. Smokin' Blunts
  6. Breakdance Pants
  7. Graffiti Rap II
  8. Street Hustla
  9. Nothing At All
  10. Suite For Any Major Dude
  11. Unlisted track (Acapella versions of Suite For Any Major Dude & Pass The 40)

Album info:
Tracks 1-8 were intentional "leaks" from Stepfather on the part of People Under The Stairs. The joke is that the tracks were completely made up and actually weren't tracks from the album. Tracks 2-7 actually consisted of Thes One reading the entirety of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's 1798 epic poem The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and it was sandwiched between two goofy intro & outro tracks.

Tracks 9-11 were outtakes from the Stepfather recording sessions, and these later appeared on the Pass The 40 and Tuxedo Rap singles.

All tracks written by C. Portugal & M. Turner, except:
Tracks 2-7, written by C. Portugal, M. Turner & S. T. Coleridge

Release versions:
CD: (2006) - Released as a promo CD-R with the online purchase of Stepfather.

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