Other Such Tracks

Other Such Tracks (2003)

CD Release:

  1. Intro (Double K & OG Undadog Skit)
  2. Back On The Block (Los Angeles Get Down Mix) (called the "The-ONE-Remix" on this release)
  3. Rhymin' With The Bonz (incorrectly called "Rhymin' With The Bonez")
  4. The Trip
  5. Back On The Block (Los Angeles Get Down Mix) Instrumental
  6. Rhymin' With The Bonz Instrumental
  7. The Trip Instrumental
  8. Outro (Dub K's Uncle's "Freeze In The Name Of The Law" Skit)

Album info:
Tracks 1-3, 5, 6 & 8 were originally released on the Back On The Block EP.
Tracks 4 & 7 were originally released on the The Trip 7".

"Back On The Block" written by P. Phillips (Pete Rock) & C. Penn (C.L. Smooth), remixed by C. Portugal (Thes One)
"Rhymin' With The Bonz" written by C. Portugal & M. Turner
"The Trip" written by C. Portugal, M. Turner & A. Satchel

Release versions:
CD: no label (2003) - Released as a promo CD-R with online purchase of ...Or Stay Tuned.

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