Fun DMC Dub Version

Fun DMC "Dub Version" Lost Album (2011)

PL70 Download:

  1. The Fun (dub version)
  2. The Grind (dub version)
  3. Letter 2 c/o The Bronx (dub version)
  4. Party Enemy No. 1 (dub version)
  5. Gamin' On Ya (dub version)
  6. The Wiz (dub version)
  7. People Riddum (dub version)
  8. People Riddum 2 (dub version)
  9. California (dub version)
  10. Love's Theme (dub version)
  11. A Baby (dub version)
  12. Same Beat (dub version)
  13. D (dub version)

Album info:
Recently rediscovered on a tattered set of half inch reels, we are proud to present this amazing collection of alternate mixes and dub versions laid off while down-mixing PUTS seminal 6th album, Fun DMC. Thes One proudly presents this recently unearthed collection of tracks, remastered and available as high quality 320 mp3's, pretagged with Serato information and album artwork, included with digital download purchase in one .zip file.

All tracks written by C. Portugal & M. Turner, except:
Tracks 7-8, written by C. Portugal, M. Turner & O. Johnson
Track 9 written by C. Portugal, M. Turner & B. Barnes

Release versions:
Internet download: PL70 (2011) - Download link:

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