Best of People Under The Stairs

Best Of People Under The Stairs (2006)

CD Release:

  1. LA9X
  2. Noonen (Thes One)
  3. Tuxedo Rap
  4. Montego Slay
  5. Yield
  6. Step In
  7. Blowin Wax
  8. Yacht Club (Thes One)
  9. More Than You Know
  10. Acid Raindrops
  11. Earth Travelers
  12. Flex Off
  13. Youth Explosion
  14. D.A.R.E.
  15. E Business
  16. Pulp Fiction
  17. Zignaflyinblow
  18. Code Check
  19. San Francisco Knights
  20. Days Like These
  21. Give Love A Chance
  22. Play It Again

Album info:
All tracks written by People Under The Stairs, except:
Tracks 2 & 8, written by Thes One.
Track 15, written by People Under The Stairs & JazMak.
Track 16, written by People Under The Stairs & Murs.
Promotional compilation from Underground Hip Hop, mixed by DJ Food Stamp.

Release versions:
CD: (2006) - Released as an "exclusive bonus" promo CD.

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