Big Sky Shakedown

Big Sky Shakedown (2014)

12" Release:

Side A:

  1. SMB2 Intro
  2. Step Bacc
  3. Up Yo Spine
  4. Party Time (stage interlude)
  5. Tuxedo Rap
  6. Bozeman Freestyle
  7. Blow Your Mind (stage interlude)
  8. O.S.T. (Original Soundtrack) (Live "Bottom Line" Remix)
  9. Beer

Side B:

  1. Medley: Yield / Blowin' Wax / Plunken 'Em
  2. The Double K Show
  3. Jam Session (interlude)
  4. L.A. Medley: The L.A. Song / LA9X
  5. Montego Slay
  6. Acid Raindrops
  7. San Francisco Knights

Album info:
"2 turntables and 2 mics live in Bozeman, Montana

This is the (San Francisco/Los Angeles) Thanksgiveback 2014 LP. Each one has been hand numbered, signed, and paid for by Thes One and Double K & given free as a Thank You to the fans who have supported & given us a reason to keep on. This LP is a gift and not meant for resale. We request that if you do not want it, you gift it to someone who may. Please do not sell this on eBay. Thank you!"

The LPs were handed out to ticket holders at two live performances:
The Independent, 11/28/14 (San Francisco, California) (with guests Casual & Revolutionary Rhythm)
The Roxy Theatre, 11/29/14 (Los Angeles, California) (with guests Casual, Revolutionary Rhythm & Villain Park)

All tracks written by C. Portugal & M. Turner, except:
Tracks 8, written by C. Portugal, M. Turner & O. Johnson

Release versions:
12" album: PUTS Records (2014) - PL7015 (Only 1000 signed copies, released 11/28/14 [SF 1 - SF 500] & 11/29/14 [LA 1 - LA 500]).

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