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Process for submitting corrections:

The previous "Highlighter" javascript functionality was not working the way I planned (it messed the pages all up), so I removed it from the webpages.

For now, you can let me know about an incorrect lyric or a site suggestion by performing the following steps:

  1. Click on the banner above to go to the People Under The Stairs forums.
  2. If you haven't already, create an account. (If you're really a fan of PUTS, I can't hype this site enough. We're like a family, y'all. Haters stay out.)
  3. Private message "SactownConnection" (that's me.) and let me know that I messed up.
  4. I'll bust out the track and listen to it with your correction.
  5. If it makes sense and it seems legit, I'll update the site... you got yourself a correction.


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