Question in the Form of an Answer

Question in the Form of an Answer (2000)

CD Release:

  1. Intro
  2. Crazy Live
  3. Youth Explosion
  4. Suite For Creeper
  5. Sterns To Western (feat. Capn' Kidd Lexus)
  6. Code Check
  7. Blowin Wax
  8. Give Love A Chance
  9. Stoned Youth Truth
  10. Yehaw Partystyles
  11. Get Drunk
  12. 43 Labels I Like
  13. King Kuff
  14. E Business (feat. JazMak)
  15. Zignaflyinblow
  16. July 3rd
  17. Stay Home
  18. Earth Travelers
  19. The Cat
  20. Electric Laddy
  21. We'll Be There
  22. Fredly Advice

Vinyl Release:

Side A:

  1. Crazy Live
  2. Youth Explosion
  3. Suite For Creeper
  4. Sterns To Western (feat. Capn' Kidd Lexus)

Side B:

  1. Code Check
  2. Blowin Wax
  3. Give Love A Chance
  4. Yehaw Partystyles

Side C:

  1. 43 Labels I Like
  2. E Business (feat. JazMak)
  3. Zignaflyinblow
  4. July 3rd
  5. Stay Home

Side D:

  1. Earth Travelers
  2. The Cat
  3. We'll Be There
  4. Fredly Advice

Album info:
All tracks written by C. Portugal & M. Turner, except "E Business" (written with A. Satchel) & "Sterns To Western" (written with B. Collins).

All tracks produced by Thes One, except "E Business", "Zignaflyinblow", and "Suite For Creeper" (produced by Double K).
Published by Sounds of Om (ASCAP).

All scratches performed by Double K
All songs recorded, mixed and downmixed by Thes "thunderthumbs" One
Recorded at PUTS Studios
Cover Photo: Ritu Marwah
Art Direction: PUTS
Design/Layout: Patty Ryan-Smith

Release versions:
CD: Om Records - OM-036CD (Released on 6/6/2000)
2xLP: Om Records - OM-036vlp (Released on 6/6/2000)

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