The Om Years

The Om Years (2008)

CD Release:
Disc 1: The Om Years

  1. Intro (Opening samples from the "O.S.T." album)
  2. San Francisco Knights
  3. 43 Labels I Like
  4. Time To Rock Our Shit
  5. The Cat
  6. We'll Be There
  7. Youth Explosion
  8. Code Check
  9. Give Love A Chance
  10. Jappy Jap
  11. The Suite For Beaver, Pt 1 (mislabeled "The Suite for a Beaver Part One")
  12. O.S.T. (Original Soundtrack) (feat. Odell)
  13. Empty Bottles Of Water
  14. The L.A. Song
  15. The Hang Loose (mislabeled "Hang Loose")
  16. Acid Raindrops (feat. Camel MC)
  17. The Breakdown
  18. Montego Slay
  19. Yield
  20. Play It Again/Outro (faded out in middle of song)

Disc 2: B-Sides and Rarities

  1. Double K Presents: "Invisible Blunt Roller"
  2. I-15
  3. Tour Guide
  4. Schooled In The Trade (Instrumental)
  5. Big Daddy Brown
  6. Hang Loose Pt. 2
  7. Sunroof (Instrumental)
  8. The Bomb Combo
  9. Afternoon Connection
  10. Out Da Club
  11. We'll Be There (10 Second Remix)

Vinyl Release:

Side A:

  1. San Francisco Knights
  2. Time To Rock Our Shit
  3. We'll Be There

Side B:

  1. 43 Labels I Like
  2. Youth Explosion
  3. Jappy Jap
  4. The Suite For Beaver, Pt 1 (mislabeled "The Suite for a Beaver Part One")

Side C:

  1. O.S.T. (Original Soundtrack) (feat. Odell)
  2. The Hang Loose (mislabeled "Hang Loose")
  3. The L.A. Song

Side D:

  1. Acid Raindrops (feat. Camel MC)
  2. The Bomb Combo
  3. Out Da Club

Album info:
All songs written by C. Portugal and M. Turner, except:
"O.S.T." written by C. Portugal, M. Turner and Odell
"The Breakdown" written by C. Portugal, M. Turner and E.L. Parsonage

All cuts by Double K
Recorded and Mixed by Thes One at PUTS Studios & Piecelock70 Studios
All tracks produced by Thes One, Double K, and/or People Under The Stairs

All songs published by Sounds Of Om (ASCAP)

Compiled, Sequenced & A&R'd by Jonathan McDonald, Christopher Smith and Gunnar Hissam
CD Remastered by Casey Nefcy at CW8 Studios
LP Remastered by Gil Tamazyan
Photography by Kristin Deleo
Album Art by Valerie Shagday for Om Records

Release versions:
2xCD: Om Records - OH-312 (Released on 7/22/2008)
2xLP: Om Records - OH-312vlp (Released on 7/22/2008)

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