The Next Step

The Next Step (1998)

CD Release:

  1. Intro/4 Everybody
  2. Death Of A Salesman
  3. Hardcore (feat. Smile-Oak)
  4. Wannabes
  5. Ten Tough Guys
  6. Mid-City Fiesta
  7. Slow Bullet
  8. San Francisco Knights
  9. The Turndown (feat. Assault)
  10. Time To Rock Our Shit
  11. The Tamburo 5 (feat. Naimad, Assault & Shine 5)
  12. Los Angeles Daze
  13. The Next Step II
  14. D.A.R.E.
  15. Asshole (feat. Assault)
  16. Play It Again/Outro

Vinyl Release:

Side A:

  1. Intro/4 Everybody
  2. Hardcore (feat. Smile-Oak)
  3. Death Of A Salesman
  4. Slow Bullet

Side B:

  1. The Next Step II
  2. Wannabes
  3. D.A.R.E.
  4. Ten Tough Guys

Side C:

  1. San Francisco Knights
  2. The Tamburo 5 (feat. Naimad, Assault & Shine 5)
  3. Time To Rock Our Shit
  4. The Turndown (feat. Assault)

Side D:

  1. Los Angeles Daze
  2. Mid-City Fiesta
  3. Asshole (feat. Assault)
  4. Play It Again/Outro

Album info:
All tracks written by C. Portugal & M. Turner, except "Hardcore" (written with W. West), "The Turndown" & "Asshole" (written with K. Witcher), and "The Tamburo 5" (written with D. Walker, K. Witcher & C. Anderson).

All tracks produced by Double K + Thes One = PUTS.
All selections: PUTS Music (ASCAP)

No computers were used during these sessions.

All cuts performed by Double K
Recorded under the stairs at Piecelock Recording Facilities
Engineered by PUTS
Recorded & Downmixed by Thes One
Mastered by Zoo Dog
Art/Layout: PUTS
Photography: Ritu Marwah

Release versions:
CD: PUTS Records - PUTS 6002 (Released on 3/23/1998)
CD: Om Records - OM-033 (Released in 2001)
2xLP: Om Records - OM-033vlp (Released in 2001)

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