American Men, Vol. 1

American Men, Vol. 1: Unreleased PUTS (2000)

CD Release:

  1. Down And Out
  2. Rattlesnake
  3. Internet Time
  4. Underground Run (listed as "KPFK Radio Promo")
  5. Lord Radio & Hale Bop
  6. Bobby In The Hood
  7. Kaos & Thes
  8. Dangerous
  9. Bobby On The Street
  10. Pulp Fiction (feat. Murs)
  11. Untitled (feat. Scarub & Murs)
  12. Blessed (Sam Spade feat. PUTS)
  13. I'm Smiley (Smile-Oak feat. PUTS)
  14. Knuckle Sandwich (Kidd Lexus feat. PUTS)
  15. Choke A Mic Out (Kidd Lexus feat. PUTS)
  16. Live At The Fishbucket (Pt. 1) (Live) (listed as "Live At Glastonbury")

Album info:
Tracks 1-3 are outtakes from Question in the Form of an Answer.
Track 4 is an unused radio promo for a Los Angeles radio station.
Tracks 5-11 are outtakes from The Next Step.
Tracks 12-15 are PUTS-produced tracks for other recording artists.
Track 16 is from a live festival in the UK in front of 10,000 people.

All songs written by C. Portugal, M. Turner, except:
"Pulp Fiction" written by C. Portugal, M. Turner and N. Carter
"Untitled" written by C. Portugal, M. Turner, A. Collins and N. Carter
"Blessed" written by S. Spade, C. Portugal and M. Turner
"I'm Smiley" written by W. West, C. Portugal and M. Turner
"Knuckle Sandwich" & "Choke A Mic Out" written by B. Collins, C. Portugal and M. Turner

All tracks produced by Thes One for PUTS Music, except "Rattlesnake" & "Bobby In The Hood", produced by Double K.

Copyright 2000 PUTS Records

All cuts by Double K
Engineered, Recorded and Mixed by Thes One at PUTS Studio
Art Direction by PUTS

[Sactown's Note:] The album cover says "1000 issue, Limited Ed.", but in an August 2011 interview, Thes One says that much less were actually made (he quotes 500 at one point, and 150 later).

Release versions:
CD: PUTS Records - PUTS 6004 (Only 150-500 copies [see note above]; released in 2000 at live shows)

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