Rest In Peace Patrick Taormina
a.k.a SactownConnection a.k.a Pmuny


Pat was a key member of the People Under The Stairs online community. He was a true fan of music and generously shared his passion with all those he came into contact with. He painstakingly created The Point Of The Rhyme website to document the history of People Under The Stairs and personally transcribed over 300 pages of their lyrics. He conducted extensive interviews with Thes One & Double K, becoming a friend of the group and with many other fans. He gave people lifts to show, gave others records, made videos and contributed artwork for the Where The Piecelock Ends and The Gettin' Off Stage records.

We sadly lost Pat in June 2016 and will miss him as the keystone of the P Army. To celebrate everything he shared, the online community created a booklet and "P" floral tribute for his memorial service. Thank you to all those that contributed thoughts, words, memories, money and time to make it happen, especially SLC Head. The booklet is included below. Please read it, enjoy it and pass it on. Thes One has also set up a fund for donations in Pat's memory; Donate to AFSP.

In June 2017 we have been able to get The Point of The Rhyme back online. Overwhelming gratitude and thanks to Beaugeste for archiving the original site, re-implemented by YoYoPo.

You can download the original PDF of Pat's memorial booklet here.

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